Monday, September 15, 2014

Hanging with Steve

My buddy Steve (along with his wife Jenn, another old friend of mine from the old neighborhood) moved out to L.A., so there are often long stretches of time that I don't get to see wither of them. Steve was in town this past Friday with his current gig playing guitar for the very talented Cassadee Pope. I was excited to be bringing my daughter along to visit with him, get the whole backstage experience and of course, watch him rock it onstage.

Before I put up the pictures, I have to say thank you to so many folks - first and foremost Steve, for allowing us to invade his work space, for being so gracious, and for being a great friend. Thanks also to Cassadee for being so sweet, Don for his behind the scenes work and all the guys in the band who hung out after and especially for making my kid feel so special.

I took these pics with my digital camera.

I found a nice glamorous spot for a backstage shit with my kid:

This is me and my daughter with Cassadee Pope on her tour bus. Cassadee is a really sweet young lady who has been nothing but generous with her time and her fans.

Our buddy Steve in the "Rock Star Silhouette" :)



Here is my daughter, with the whole band as we all had dinner after the show. So sweet of them for doing this:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Post Meant for Yesterday, But I Fell Asleep

I woke up not realizing that both Friday and that morning, I had completely forgotten that I had a party to attend in the late afternoon.

I was out late Friday hanging with my friend Steve, who was in town. It was a great night and my daughter, who hadn't seen him in a long time, also came, he saw too it that she had a really special time with the whole backstage, tour bus, rock star experience and it was great.

Saturday, I got to the farmers market with the plan of having lunch with my friend. It was great to share the experience, and to be able to not have to choose between the two awesome lunch offerings, we got both and split them (both are yummy).

After the market, i made a long overdue stop at my favorite place in all of Massachusetts, Walden Pond. It was also extra special to share that experience with a first time visitor. After our time there, I still was able to make the party I had completely forgotten about and I wasn't even really late, not even the latest.

And that's it for now...later.

Friday, September 12, 2014

It's a Week!

Do yourself a favor, I am not being paid for this advertisement but the Honey Smoked BBQ Strong & Kind bar, pictured here, is one of the best things I've ever eaten; it's got a little sweet, a little heat, and a little darn amazing!

You ever know someone for a good amount of time, then all of a sudden become closer friends with them and then feel kid of dumb you didn't get friendly sooner?

Going to see my buddy Steve, playing guitar for Cassadee Pope, in town tonight. The best part is that my daughter is coming and this is the first time she's seen Steve since he moved to L.A.; she was only 10 16, it will be fun!

Glad that some of my old NY friends are getting together for a reunion. We used to do these pretty regularly but for the last few years, not so much. I am looking forward to getting to see all of them again.

Happy that my friend Dan's kids got to speak their peace on the radio this morning regarding the situation they had with winning a contest to meet Ariana Grande that has gone viral. That Ariana Grande has become a bit of a diva.

Hoping for nice weather tomorrow.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


This void inside my soul
Never thought I could feel so broken
I need to find a way beyond
All that's been unspoken

Neglected for too long
Lost along the way
It's time to find what's left of me
See more than shades of gray

The price I've paid for the choices I've made
Have been far too great
It time to leave it all behind
I hope it's not too late

9/11/2014 C. Daniele

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Clean those Rib Bones

A couple of days ago, I posted the following on Facebook:

The day after, I had jut felt it was necessary to set a good example. I went back to whole foods and picked up a small slab of rib so that as a public service, I can show you what rib bones should look like if the ribs are consumed properly,

Here is the before picture:

And here is what's left once properly eaten:

Please folks, use this as a guide if you need, just eat your ribs properly.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Whole Foods Story

I had a very humble lunch at Whole Foods today. I brought to the register a single slice of cheese pizza and just a spoonful or so of a mixture of wheatberries, quinoa, and sliced almonds.

The cashier, someone I had never seen, so I assumed to be new, rung up the sale and said, "Three dollars and seventy two cents please." Then after a very (and I mean very) brief pause said, "wait a second..." the cashier then proceeded to stare at her register screen with an expression of concern and shock.

Without missing a beat, I said out loud, "I know what you are up to. You are saying to yourself, this is Whole Foods, it's not possible that someone can get an entire lunch order in under $4, something must be I right?"

She immediately busted out in laughter (as did the dude behind me in line).

Speaks volumes. Entertaining though.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Funny Shit Old(er) People Say

I was telling my daughter about this 16 year old kid that is enrolled in my Computers & Technology class. She, being 16, related to the curiosity and interesting nature of it.

Of course, her very immediate question to me was, "what was the oldest student you've ever had?" I am not certain of the exact age but I am certain he was in his 70's, may have been 80+.

I was teaching a non-credit workshop, a computer primer. The subject was Microsoft Word, it was Word 2000 at that time. I was going over the icons on the toolbar and got to the disk icon (the one circled in red in the figure here in this post). I mentioned that the disk was the icon for the save command. Before I could utter another word, this older gentlemen slammed his hand on the desk and said (and I am coming as close as I can, it's been 15 years), "a disk, hot damn, I always thought it was a television set and I could never figure out why there would be a TV up there!"

That was his revelation. The whole class started laughing and we all had a good time with it then moved on. It was one of those moment you don't forget.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Local Freight

Great day at the farmer's market today. It was almost unbearably hot but a spot in the shade, an iced coffee from Acoustic Java and an amazing ricotta, grilled zucchini and pine nuts on a rosemary ciabatta sandwich from The Carve made it better. There was some terrific bluegrass music by a band called Local Freight and later in the day, I was a participant in a food demo from The Carve...FUN!

Today was one of those days where I ran into folks I don't usually run into, and it was fun!

I did get a haircut.

I moved the sofa earlier and saw what I thought was a pretzel nugget that I must've lost. I picked it up and walked into the kitchen to throw it away - took a peek at it and realized I was holding a petrified cat turd; thanks Oliver, you practical joker you.

Seeing The Road Dawgs later tonight.

Oh...cashed in my loose change today...$115.01!

Friday, September 05, 2014

Farewell Joan

I meant to post this yesterday but had no time. Now, I have a few moments but wonder what is left to say. You didn't have to be a Joan Rivers fan to know that she was a force. You didn't have to like her to know that she was a pioneer, a true pioneer. You didn't have to like her to respect her work ethic, both overall and distinctly as a comedian.

This woman made me laugh, made me gasp and captured my attention for most of my life. Her impact on show business will remain in tact for ever but she will be missed, I believe even by people that may not necessarily identify as fans.

Best comment I heard yet, "she died doing what she loved, having surgery". I know she is laughing somewhere over that one!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Do Wishes Come True (A Decade Later)

I posted these 5 wishes on 9/11/2004, the red comments are my thoughts on them today:

This is in no particular order and is being written on the fly:

1. If we must hurt, let it only serve to remind us that when we find that which brings us joy, it is worth both the sacrifice and the risk it may take to get it.

I think this is still a powerful statement. There does seem to be greater sacrifices being made though at considerable cost. The world has gotten a bit scarier, makes valuing that which is precious more necessary.

2. Before I take my last breath in this life, I get to meet the beautiful people I've grown so fond of in the blogging community.

I've met Egan, Meg, and Tori - all fabulous people. the blogging community has greatly diminished but I have worked hard to maintain many of the friendships I've made over the course of this past decade.

3. The people of the United States of America to open their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds and realize that our current president is an evil man whose only good intentions are meant for him and those who serve him. Please let this country band together to make him go away.

Written about the insanely stupid and clueless George W. Bush. there has been much criticism about our current president, Barack Obama but I like him. I can't say Obama has made all the right moves but he's a smart and caring man whose intentions are genuine.

4. For the families of those who've endured tragedies such as 9/11, any of the many wars, and any of the lesser known but no less tragic events that fill our newscasts nightly to find whatever it is they need to move on and have some happiness and joy in their lives despite the scars these tragedies will leave them with.

It's so sad to think of how many more tragedies we've had this past decade and how many families have had to endure such pain. Over the last decade I've lost friends, family, and family of friends to natural causes, cancer, and other problems. Life goes on, as we get older, these kinds of things happen - it doesn't get easier though. It's particularly hard to know that people I care about are in pain, for any reason. Here's to hope and positivity, and some peace of mind for all.

5. That I can have the strength and courage to continue to grow as a person, and share what I've learned in this life with others.

I've tried hard to be more charitable, to be a better citizen of the community in which I live and to work hard. What I have failed at, especially most recently, is taking care of myself...there's an emptiness in my heart - a pain that I am having a hard time resolving. I am trying though.

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

In My Ears VII

Michael Jackson - Bad
I hadn't listened to this MJ record in quite some time. I have to say it holds up nicely.

Peter & Gordon - Greatest Hits
I had just seen Peter Asher live and needed to revisit some of this classic material.

John Legend - Love in the Future
Legend continues to put out very strong pop music that has far greater depth than most of what you will hear on the top 40.

Ingrid Michaelson - Lights Out
There's something about her music that's captivating.

Neon Trees - Pop Psychology
What a perfect name for this record. Whatever a pop song should be in 2014, Neon Trees follow up to Picture Show continues the trend of catchy songs, catchy riffs and all around fun music to listen to.

Miranda Lambert - Platinum
Hard not to know who she is by now, I saw her live at the beginning of her career and knew she was going to be big, just a firecracker with an attitude.

Taking Back Sunday - Happiness Is
This is one of a couple I just grabbed out of the new release bin without ever having heard anything about it; the cover art was interesting. I wish I could say the same about the music, not so much though. Good thing, the bin I grabbed it from was at the library, so no financial loss!

Michael Jackson - Xscape
Release posthumously with great anticipation and excitement, this record should have been buried with him. These songs were so clearly not meant to be released, at least not yet. Sadly, the almighty dollar got the best of all involved...a disgrace.

The 1975 - The 1975
Another find at the library, another record I never heard of, another cool cover that drew me in....another waste of time.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

There had been a lot of press recently for ALS, and rightfully so. ALS is about as horrible as you can get and has not had the kind of publicity it should have. I hope that like I, you all chose to make a donation to ALSA.ORG.

Today though, I am turning the attention briefly to Thyroid Cancer. I know, it seems as if it's not fancy enough. Some have referred to Thyroid Cancer as "the good cancer". While treatable, it is not a picnic, it is cancer and if affects people and families just as cancer always seems to do.

According to THYCA, "Thyroid cancer is one of the few cancers that has increased in incidence rates over recent years."

I became more familiar with Thyroid Cancer through my friend T, I shall refer to her as T to protect her privacy. I first met T through her web presence, and oddly enough, had it not been for her battle with Thyroid Cancer, her web presence may  never have happened and I may never have met her. Meeting T has truly been one of the greatest gifts of my life, I love her as much as I've ever loved another human being, but knowing all that she has endured as a result of Thyroid Cancer, I wish it never happened.

I've worn this Thyroid Cancer awareness bracelet for some time now and I guess since it's not as popular as so many of the other ones, I still occasionally get asked, "what's that one supposed to represent, what is that blue-ish?"

"Thyroid Cancer, and by the way, its teal." is what I reply. Then almost always, I touch it.

I've posted in this space about it in the past, but I've wanted to remember Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month for a while and today, on this first day of that month (established as a month in 2003) - I post this, with the link to THYCA, to help raise awareness of the disease and this organization.

If I may ask that you visit the site, perhaps if you are feeling it, make a donation, and learn about the disease and learn about detection, symptoms, and all there is to know.

If you don't mind, perhaps to can help spread the word. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hey Joan, Come on Back

My friend Joel "Sheckie" Brava wrote this earlier:
Just a need to share.. Other celebrities who we all feel " we know".... have come and gone, and it makes us feel sad. We don't really know them at all...but we are simply invested in them through their entertaining us through the years, and therefore, we relate to them, we value them. I don't know why, but with this terrible turn for Joan Rivers, I am so deeply saddened. Maybe it is the way it has happened and the fact that she was actually performing in NYC the night BEFORE...I'm not sure. Maybe it has simply brought home the fact of how fragile our own lives truly are. I just don't know...but I have had this 'pit' in my stomach since it happened. I continue to pray for her recovery and cannot help but think of her throughout my day.

I am with Sheckie on this one. My first recollections of Joan Rivers is from The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. I was allowed to stay up to watch the tonight show on holidays, Friday's and in the summer sometimes - oh, I guess from 6th or 7th grade on, I can't recall specifically.

A storied career, often controversial, often varied but at 81, up until the day before she fell ill, this woman never stopped working, and working hard. A regular, even in recent times, at small comedy clubs to write and hone material, Rivers has a work ethic that so many people, and not just in show business, but everyone, should look at and admire.

Like my friend Joel and many of her fans, both across show business and us lay folk, I am deeply saddened at this sudden turn. Despite being 81, Rivers had always appeared so vital and energetic and the thought of her laying there, reportedly on life support right now, it's sad.

I'd like to see a miracle, and have Joan Rivers pop back into this life to share a few more laughs, I would particularly love to hear her comedic take on this whole adventure. Oh yes, there is no doubt if she pulls though this, she'll be joking about it first chance she gets.

I'll be praying for the encore.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

86 On the Lobster Roll

I'd been primed for more than a week for today's "Lobster & Corn Fest" down at the farmer's market. Today, the big highlight was a $10 lobster roll from the amazing folks at "The Carve". I was looking forward for days, talking about it, promoting it...

My daughter and I arrive at 11:15, market is mobbed, line for lobster roll is huge! I have my daughter wait in line as I go up to say hi to the proprietors of "The Carve" and John tells me, "I don't think we're going to make it to where you are in the line, sorry man."

My heart sinks. Last week, I was chatting with John and Marie and they were wondering about whether or not they would sell 100 sandwiches. I assured them it was no issue at all though I didn't factor in that it was a holiday weekend, which could mean all in or all out.

They came with enough for about 140 servings. Get this, the guy directly in front of me in line got the last one! My daughter was a trooper. As sad as I was to not get one, I couldn't be anything but happy about John and Marie selling out - they are such nice people that have added so greatly to our town farmer's market.

My kid and I had a gyro from the vendor a few tables away, we ran into quite a few of my friends, it was a nice day.

Meme: All Night Long

Meme found on the blog of Samantha Winters.

If you need a reminder or just wish to was nostalgic, here's the song via the original video.

This music video was produced by Mike Nesmith of The Monkees. Can you name a Monkees song?
Yes, would you like for me to prove it?
Okay..."Daydream Believer. How about "Last Train to Clarksville". Are you convinced yet?
"I'm a Believer"...are you...I think I am done with this one; next!

The song includes the foreign sounding phrases, "Oh jambali Tom bo li d, say de moi ya," and "Oh, Jambo Jumbo!" Mr. Richie meant to include language indigenous to the Caribbean, but was writing the song under deadline and simply made those phrases up instead. Tell about the most recent time you cheated or "cut corners."
Sometimes I randomly decide to try out a recipe and don't have all of the ingredients, but I don't realize that until I am too deep into it and can't get to the store to get it - so I try to cleverly replace it with something else I do have.

I will often "improvise" when absolutely necessary, but never in a bad or negative way.

Richie was a frat boy at college. Kappa Kappa Psi, to be exact. Were you a member of a fraternity or sorority?
I went to a commuter college for undergraduate school, so we didn't have any of that - and I am glad. Conceptually, I don't have a big problem with fraternities or sororities but I would actually outlaw them considering the incredibly poor behavior attributed to them - I have seen no evidence of them being anything but a detriment to one's education. That said, I wouldn't find it hard to believe that there may actually be some fraternities and/or sororities out there that aren't all about hazing, partying and blowing a significant chunk of expensive education time into oblivion.

When this song topped the charts (September 1983), Vanessa Williams became the first African American to be crowned as Miss America. Do you watch beauty pageants?

I don't watch them, though I can't say that I never have.

Since it's Labor Day weekend, that holiday established to celebrate the American worker, let's talk about the workplace. Tellers work in a bank, actors work on a stage or a set, auto workers work on an assembly line. How would you describe your workplace?
My workplace is a community college. I work in the honorable field of public education.

An estimated 40% of us have dated a coworker. Have you ever had an office romance?
Many times, some might say way too many.

Labor Day is a big weekend for travel. How did you book your last vacation? (Online, through a travel agent, over the phone ...)
Online. What is this travel agent you speak of? LOL! Just kidding, I remember them, they kind of still exist but barely, and I doubt for long.

Mother Winters won't wear white again now until next Memorial Day. Sam thinks that's just crazy. Where do you fall in this heated mother/daughter debate?
There are very few people who can effectively pull off wearing white, I admire those people and encourage all who can wear it well to wear it whenever they wish and not let trends, seasons, or anything else stop them.

When you look at back on Summer 2014, what will you remember?
Nothing so memorable happened that it will register on the things I hope never to forget list, at least as far as I can recall. Part of me is sad about that, but only a tiny bit.