Tuesday, June 29, 2004

R.I.P. Woodstove

R.I.P. Woodstove Posted by Hello

This is the before picture. That is, before last Friday when we had the woodstove removed, as well as the semicircular brick hearth beneath it. I am not particularly sure why I feel the need the eulogize the shapely piece of cast iron but I must say it provided a generous amount of heat during our first winter in the house. Looking at the bare floor and the empty space in front of the fireplace, I now try to envision what the final result will look like as we plan the next phases of renovation.

The dictionary defines renovation as follows:
1. Make something like new again: to restore something to good condition
2. Refresh somebody or something: to give new vigor to somebody or something

I find myself easily critical of the things in the house I wish to change and often comment on where the previous owner's heads must have been. With the exception of the necessary cash flow, I could probably find ways to completely change everything in the house until it's just the way I like it.

What gets me is that I sometimes spend a ridiculous amount of time pondering these thoughts about a giant inanimate object that simply provides shelter for actual human life. It makes me wonder if the better investment of all that time would be to spend more time focusing on the lives that occupy the house; most of all my own life. Hmmm!

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

Monday, June 28, 2004

I Hate Politics but Need to Vent a Bit

In the 2002 elections for governor in the state of Massachusetts, I invested more time and effort researching candidates than any other election I have ever voted in. I truly felt that the best candidate for the job was a woman by the name of Jill Stein. At the time, my colleagues in higher education were feeling great pressure at the, for lack of a more politically correct yet less accurate word, let's say stupidity of the administrations of Jane (not so) Swift and Argeo Paul Cellucci. Needless to say, I ended up voting for Shannon O'Brien as she was the candidate the labor organizations were supporting. Let me add that I placed this vote even though everything in me believed it was the wrong vote and that Jill Stein was the correct choice.

This coming November, our country will decide who will serve as the next President of the United States of America. I very strongly believe in my heart and my mind that George Bush is the wrong choice for president. What saddens me is that regardless of who I think may be the best man for the job, I know for certain that in order to ensure the Bush is not our next president, that Kerry must be. I happen to like John Kerry and of the current field of choices, would more than likely have given my vote to him. What scares me is that I don't feel I have a choice but to vote for him.

Since 9/11/2001, I would venture to guess that most Americans would answer the question "who are the two scariest people in the world?" with the response "Osama Bin Laden, and Saddam Hussein." I concur that both are frightening, horrible individuals, but dare I say that in my opinion, the two scariest and most dangerous people to the U.S. are George Bush and John Ashcroft. Bush and Ashcroft through the administration are threatening what makes us American in the first place, our basic freedoms.

Though I deeply regret my position and choice in 2002, I am very clear on what needs to be done in November. I will end here and hope that when November arrives you will do whatever is necessary to see that John Kerry is elected president. Bite whatever bullet is necessary, it was Bush himself that took away your freedom to choose and he threatens to take away alot more of your basic freedoms as well...please vote for John Kerry.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

Sunday, June 27, 2004

From the Sermon's Edge

"If you were on trial for being a Christian, would they find enough evidence to convict you?" I won't go into the details of the entire sermon from today's service, and the intention of this post is not to be preachy - but read the statement back to yourself a few times and think about what is says to you.

I happen to be comfortable with being a Christian and talking about it. But I want to go outside that box for the moment. Let's look at the quote again but with a bit of a twist...

"If you were on trial for _________________, would they find enough evidence to convict you?"

Now, look at a few options that we can fill-in the blank with:
-> believing in yourself
-> being a good friend to someone
-> being happy

Clearly we can find many things to fill-in the blank with that would force us take a deeper look at where we are versus we should or better yet, wish to be.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Ramblings on a Saturday night

First up, thanks to those who've provided feedback ranging from compliments on my creativity, nice start to the blog, and the ever familiar, "Oh, that's what blogging is!" I hope that you'll all come back every so often and stay in touch.

Perhaps more experienced bloggers can shed some light for me but I had the wildest bout of anxiety that started after I laid in bed thinking I'd pass right out from the state of exhaustion I was in right up until an hour or so ago. I just kept thinking about what my next post would be and now here I am posting at least partly about the thought process that somehow evolved into this post - I think.?. I both hope and suspect this anxiety will subside as I grow more comfortable with the medium.

I was hoping to figure out how to get pictures up but I am not there yet. I have updated my profile however so feel free to wander over there for more on what makes me me.

The poor weather today had me down a bit as I was hoping to finally take the first dip in my pool but that will have to wait. I think I'll go now as there are many thoughts and only so much space for one post. I look forward to having you back soon.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

Friday, June 25, 2004


I'm not sure at what point in my education I first learned of Haiku. I know for sure that at that time I didn't like it. However, later in life as I began to develop my writing skills, especially as a poet, I came across the idea of Haiku and took a further look into this unique art form.

I wasn't much into the conceptual rigidity of the art form but was intrigued by it's structure; which I saw as an interesting challenge. "Haiku, Japanese verse form, notable for its compression and suggestiveness. It consists of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables." (Encarta)

When I decided it was time for me to give a crack at this, I found motivation in the very first (unfortunate) news story of the time, the tragic death of Phil Hartman; which inspired the following haiku:

Gone before his time
The need for explanation
May he rest in peace

Having accomplished my goal of writing my first haiku (haiku structured) poem, I quickly came up with four more:

Something moved me
Are there feelings deep inside?
Hold on to your dreams

Whisper's in the wind
And yet, there's nothing spoken
Words are only words

Yesterday is gone
Today is almost over
Tomorrow, I will!

Ringing in my ears
A soul in need of rescue
Free this troubled soul

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

From a Whisper to a Scream

Needless to say, after reading some blogs over the last few days, I've been inspired to give it a go. Holy Crap Batman! I'm blogging!

I thought I'd start with where the title comes from. I was first affected with this phrase by a song in the 80's called "Whisper to a Scream" by a band called Icicle Works (click here for lyrics).

I like the idea of extremes, especially the idea of one extreme to the other and the effect it can have when used in the context of various creative mediums such as art, music, poetry, etc.

Over the course of time I hope to share some of me with all of you and hope that in return I'll learn something about myself, you, and how or if blogging has any relevance in my never ending quest to discover the who, what, why, where, and how of me.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!