Sunday, June 27, 2004

From the Sermon's Edge

"If you were on trial for being a Christian, would they find enough evidence to convict you?" I won't go into the details of the entire sermon from today's service, and the intention of this post is not to be preachy - but read the statement back to yourself a few times and think about what is says to you.

I happen to be comfortable with being a Christian and talking about it. But I want to go outside that box for the moment. Let's look at the quote again but with a bit of a twist...

"If you were on trial for _________________, would they find enough evidence to convict you?"

Now, look at a few options that we can fill-in the blank with:
-> believing in yourself
-> being a good friend to someone
-> being happy

Clearly we can find many things to fill-in the blank with that would force us take a deeper look at where we are versus we should or better yet, wish to be.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!


Joy said...

I wandered over here after reading your comment on my blog. Thank you. If you would like to, I'd appreciate your signing my guest map. Thanks also for linking to my blog. :-)

I like thinking about what you posted here. It's a different way of looking at it. Keep up the good work with your blog.

Anonymous said...

This is a good thought for the day. Thanks, Chris.

I saw this kid on TV this weekend, Matty Spanek(Sp?). He has been on Oprah, Larry King, etc. He was the termanally ill 13 year old poet and public speaker on peace.

When I heard him speak over the weekend, I wept. The kid passed last week and they were replaying his appearances. What a brave kid. He was all about the moment.

Fill that thing in with, "am I all about making the best of the moment, not worrying about the future and the past..." Try that one on for size.

Heartsongs is the name of his book. Read it. All the cynical BS that built up inside of me took quite a blow thanks to Matty.



Kel said...

Thanks for making me think!