Thursday, July 15, 2004

5 Things that are Wonderful to Me.

1. The ocean. Especially being far enough into the ocean, preferably on a boat, so that ocean is all that is visible. The power and majesty of the ocean always overwhelm me (in a positive way).
2. Making people laugh. Any age, any size group, for any reason. I especially like to make someone laugh who really needed it so bad that they not only weren't expecting to, but were doing everything in their power not to laugh.
3. Watching an open fire dance and crackle to the thoughts in my head. I'd swear that after staring long enough, that the flames are actually responding to my thoughts.
4. The fall foliage. There is something about the imagery of that particular seasonal change that has a warming effect on the cool crisp breezes that animate the foliage in change.
5. A walk around Walden Pond. The same Walden Pond that Thoreau called home from July 1845 through September 1847. I have no real explanation other that to say that this is a magical place that squelches the sounds of the everyday life we live and amplifies the serenity of it's own natural beauty. Walden Pond also happens to be a great place to observe the fall foliage.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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