Saturday, July 24, 2004

Happy Birthday Victoria

Today is my daughter's sixth birthday. It's been funny the last week or so watching her excitement and anticipation grow with each passing day as each morning, her first words would refer to the countdown of days remaining before her birthday (and kickass party at Plaster Fun Time).

{Authors note: I realize after the fact that "kickass" is probably not the best adjective to describe the birthday party of a 6 year old; live and learn.}

This morning, sweet little Vickie came crashing into our bedroom, waking my wife and I from a coma at the darling little hour of 6:00 AM! "Today is my birthday, I'm gonna have a party!" She sang while dancing her little heart out as my wife and I maintained our composure and offered up as convincing a rendition of Happy Birthday as one can provide at this awful hour of the morning. I suspect this startling wake up call is partly the cause for the back spasms I've been having today but since it is a recurring problem, I'll only place partial blame.

The fabulous birthday party took place at a place called "Plaster Fun Time." What a money making operation this is. Each kid gets a crappy piece of ceramic something or other to paint, then they spray it with some toxic glossy shit that has the fresh aroma of carcinogen. I was almost disappointed that they didn't provide cigarettes for each of the young patrons. Oh, no, I am starting to vent frustrations again and I was thinking this might just be a sweet little post in honor of my little one's happy day. Unfortunately, I need to vent a bit more so before I do, let me just say something nice. I absolutely adore and love my little girl more than anything. I am constantly fascinated watching her grow up an learn things. I's the first thing in a very long time that has offered true meaning and significance to my life. Now, time to bitch again...

When I was a little kid, my absolutely wonderful birthday parties consisted of my mother getting a cake from the local bake shop and inviting a few of the neighborhood kids over (the same ones who kicked my ass just days before and who proceeded to kick my ass again just days later), forced each into a Brooklynized mangling of the traditional birthday songs, on some occasions, a semi-non-violent game of pin-the-tail on the donkey, served each a piece of cake along with a soft drink, then sent the little buggers off on their way so they could plot their next beating of the little wimp ass I once was. It was terrific fun, a great time, and the one day a year I didn't bleed by someone else's hand.

Today is so different however. In the great tradition of "competition weddings" (perhaps someday to be discussed at length some other time, you know what I mean) today's children's parties require weeks of planning, RSVP invites, and several hundred dollars so that they can have essentially the same experience while the parent doesn't lose face by having a crappier party than one of the other kids. HMMMM! Okay, enough, I've got it off my chest for now. I am very happy that Victoria had a great time and a great day. Even though she's spent an amazing amount of time fawning over her gifts and "how great they all are" I hope I've invested enough time helping her to understand that the toys and present that she received weren't the actual gifts.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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