Thursday, July 08, 2004

The Last Day of Class

Have you ever taken a research and/or statistics class? I had a research class back in grad-school. What a drag!!! I was so elated that it was over (as were my classmates) that I let our elation and pending beer fest inspire me to write a poem on that last day of class (circa 1992). Needless to say, unless your a statistics buff, or have taken one of these silly little classes, the poem will offer little more than a few rhymes.

"The Last Day of Class"

Been cursed out by "chi-square"
Been torn apart by "T"
and "standard deviation"'s got
a stranglehold on me

I'm stuttering statistics
a hypothesizing fool
I'm maddened by the mayhem
But I'll try to keep my cool

You see, the course has almost ended
and I'll go in Peace for sure
at the strike of 8:15 I'll be
the first one out the door!

Note: I pulled this from my archives after a recent conversation reminded me of it. I was amazed how easily I found it and am glad to finally share it with someone other than those in class that night I wrote and recited it (Geek that I am!).

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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Joy said...

I agree and was relieved to get out of that class, too. Torture for sure!