Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Checking In & Reality Returns

Things are hectic right now. My 6 year old starts 1st grade tomorrow and we had to meet with the teacher today, and fill out a form with the exact same information as 86 other forms we've already filled out and submitted. I start teaching my class a week from Thursday and have not prepared anything as of yet - fortunately it's a class I've taught many times before, so it should be alright.

On the blogging front, I want to thank those of you who stop by every so often and also encourage you all to visit the various "Blogs I Frequent". I can guarantee that you will find some unique and interesting words from an eclectic, intelligent, and wonderful group of people.

Update from a previous post - I wrote some time back that I have an idea for a short story. I still have the idea, in some greater detail than it was back then, but I have yet to find the words. Hopefully, someday they will come.

The Unexpected...I watched the movie "13 Going on 30" the other night at the request of my wife...I actually enjoyed it.

Finally, reality television has returned to the airwaves. Actually, it never really left but as a junkie for the genre, I still have standards (what a freakish comment). Last Comic Standing, Season 3 and Fear Factor have gotten under way and The Apprentice and Survivor are returning soon; I can't wait!

I am off to finish the last few pages of my book, have a scoop or two of Starbuck's White Chocolate Latte Ice Cream, and hit the sack.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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