Sunday, August 29, 2004

Delightful & Disturbing:News of the Day

First the delightful, this gives those of you who wish to avoid the disturbing ample chance to bail( I'll give fair warning). "Jenn & Steve" live at the Barking Crab - it was a wonderful, albeit toasty and humid, afternoon of fun. I need to thank those who showed up as a result of my persuasive advertising and wondrous charm: My wife Lucy (who actually gave up her usual sleep time as she works the night shift on the weekends), my daughter Victoria (who thanks to Jenn and Steve played percussion for the second set and had the thrill of her life so far), Linda, Richard, Nancy, Barbara, Barbara's very pregnant friend whose name escapes me, and Ned (and family). Despite the climate, the music was terrific (as always), the food a delight, and the Pete's Strawberry Blonde - yummy!

I really cherish the chance to enjoy the company of people that are just fun to be around and enjoy putting the stress of everyday life aside, if only for a little while; these are the moments I live for (especially because of really suck at baseball).

OK---Now for the disturbing...leave now if you must.
Some very sad news today, singer Laura Branigan, who charted big in the early 80's with hits like Gloria, Solitaire, and How am I Supposed to Live Without You, passed away in her sleep at the young age of 47. Current reports indicate the cause of death as a brain aneurysm - either way, it's a tragedy. This has nothing to do with who she was or the fact that she was famous, at least during the early parts of her career. It's just that it seems to me that when someone, anyone, dies at what seems to be before their time, it really gets you (me for sure) thinking about your (my) own mortality.

In other sad news, James Doohan, better know to many as Scotty from the original Star Trek recently made what is said to be his "final public appearance" as he has previously been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, and already suffers from Parkinson's disease as well as Diabetes.

I mention these celebrities for several reasons. First, they both, at different times in my life, were impacting, though in different ways, to the generation that I grew up in. As my generation approached the middle age years we are closer to confronting just how short our time on Earth is. Not only as we ourselves age, but those remainders of the generations past that we cling to by way of our parents and grandparents.

I urge you to please take stock in all that you've been blessed with. Take a moment to let those you love know that you love them - not by taking it for granted they know, take a moment to say it. Hug the person next to you - even if you don't know them (unless they smell real bad or look suspicious - then just give them a smile, and say hello, gotta go).

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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