Sunday, August 08, 2004

Exhaustion and Good Times

That's me folks, exhausted. Last week was a bit on the busy side for me and I am feeling the effects this weekend. Friday was a definite high point when our friends Jenn & Steve came over for a visit. Victoria had a great time as she always does, easily grabbing as much attention from as many people as possible. Coercing me into letting her keep my harmonica (which I was never very good at), Vickie, on her first ever try was playing like a champ entertaining the four adults.

Starting off the evening with some nice conversation and a few beers (Buzzard's Bay), I proceeded to grill up some beautiful 16oz. Rib Eye Steaks and some Corn on the Cob with garlic butter while Steve was entertaining Victoria and Jenn and Lucy were making plans to redecorate our house. Of course, once dinner came, so did the first bottle of wines, a pleasant Zinfandel courtesy of our delightful guests. It was a nice dinner with great conversation and just enough Vickie for added cuteness.

Shortly after dinner, bottle of wine number two was popped open while Victoria was put to bed two hours after her usual bedtime (that of course didn't deter her from waking us up at an ungodly hour while trying to sleep in a bit). It has quickly become tradition when Jenn & Steve come over for dinner for us to enjoy some fun and frivolity by playing games. We changed things up a bit as they brought over a neat little game called Scene It. This board based game uses a die to determine how far you advance on the board, while using a second, three dimensional-triangular shaped die (I don't recall how many sides it had) to determine which type of question or circumstance you must endure to continue with your turn. One of the neat features is the game uses a DVD with tons of movie clips that many of the questions are based on. It was lots of fun to play (for the record Jenn won).

After Scene It, we moved on to our old favorite, UNO. Uno is just a simple card game that turns into a really fun time with the four of us (and the warm fuzzy effects of the spirits of the evening). Amidst the game however, Friday had long become Saturday and it was time to place this wonderful visit along side the others in area of our hearts and minds that store the good ones.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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