Thursday, August 26, 2004

Vending Habits Revisited

I clearly spend too much time dealing with those darn vending machines. I've previously ranted about the woes of vending machine behavior, but I need to briefly revisit the idea in hopes of finding a cure to my "(that's a) sickness". I have come to realize just how much thought goes into my vending habit. I will carefully review the selections in one vending machine (on the third floor), then before making a final decision, go to the other vending machine (located on the first floor) reviewing the selections in an effort to make the best possible decision as to item to snack on. Where am I finding this time?

Mood and time of day (this usually happens twice a day-pathetic, I know) factor into the decision making process. The first obvious decision is to decide if I am in the mood for something salty or sweet; the resulting choice usually cuts my number of choices in half. This usually ends up being both a blessing and a curse because most of the salty stuff are in large (as a result of air,not quantity of product) bags - items such as chips, pretzels, the oh-so-salty Fritos, that sort of thing - which all tend to get stuck somehow, somewhere above where the contortionistically challenged (me, I) can reach and unlike many of the denser products in the sweet line (such as chocolate bars), don't respond well to the inevitable brutality boneheads like myself must inflict upon the machine in an effort to release the product from its grasp and satisfy my cravings.

What I have begun to realize, is that I not only invest too much time, but way too much money on this insanity. I really need to bring some "healthy snack alternatives" such as fruit, yogurt, and (I am actually going to say this, so if you are prone to fainting spells at the sound of goofy shit-be forewarned) a trail-mix of some kind. Okay then, I am already feeling better having spilled all of this stuff so for now, I am going to get the grill going and start dinner for the family.

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

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jennifer said...

i feel your pain. i was standing in front of 4 vending machines at school the other day, starving, and not one of them had something good to eat. in fact, they all had the exact same thing! i think i really need to start bringing snacks with me. :D