Friday, August 27, 2004

Where the Week Ends,The Weekend Begins

After a week of milling about in a melancholy funk, I am looking forward to the weekend more than usual. One of my friends lost a brother-in-law to brain cancer at the young age of 43; at 39 myself, let me just say it had an impact. Another of my colleagues lost her father-in-law, and from what I've heard, has temporarily been displaced from her apartment as the new landlord is deleading the house.

It's always a bit awkward sometimes when offering condolences or the sort. Deep down, I know that most of the time your friends know that you are there for them, but during these times, it's so often confusing and difficult to make decisions from the same thought processing methods used on a regular basis.

For me, It always been about hanging out with good people who I care about, just talking (about anything), the unexpected laugh from nowhere, and a good old fashioned (bear) hug.

In an effort to bring the mood to a better place, I am hoping for some pool weather on Saturday, along with some shopping (to get some furniture ideas). Sunday is going to be a great time as we are going to brunch at a place called the Barking Crab. My good friends Jenn & Steve are playing (music), the Boston Harbor is providing the ambiance, and hopefully, a large group of folks will provide the fellowship and fun. Oh, I almost forgot the crab cakes - their really good at The Barking Crab.

I'll be back with all of you soon. Until then, I promise to never really leave.

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