Wednesday, September 22, 2004

"Goth Baby"

"Goth Baby"

This my friends, is "Goth Baby", aka "Fat Bastard". About a year or so ago, one of my colleagues purchased a picture frame from Staples. The stock photo inside was this adorable little child unusually dressed in a black turtleneck. Popi, my colleague, dubbed him "Goth Baby" and another of our witty co-workers dubbed him "Fat Bastard". After proudly displaying the young child in this frame at her desk, Popi returned from a weekend only to find the frame and photo gone. Our beautiful child had gone the way of all the others often found on milk containers (I've never been comfortable with that).

Anyway, the other day, Popi is rummaging through Staples for no apparent reason other than it was there and her need to rummage was calling. Then, as good old aisle six faded into aisle seven, there he was - "Goth Baby" was coming home again.

Of course this time, I had to take action. Before any of the thieving little bastards get there hands on "Fat Bastard" again, I removed the photo and scanned him. Now, I've got a .jpg that will last a lifetime. My challenge to you (Sprizee, this has your name all over it) is to get creative with things like PhotoShop, Morphing, etc. and let's have fun with "Goth Baby". Email me your creations at - I'll figure out how best to display them later.


sprizee said...

I took the bait but I see no new photos posted. Explain yourself.

Michael said...

I have also taken the bait, but I'm not done yet. I am also working in Microsoft paint, for the sole reason that amateur redesign is all the funnier.

Chris said...

I'll be posting whatever I receive fromt the talented folks who take the bait - I myself will offer something up hopefully before the end of the wekend.

sprizee said...

[hands on hips]