Monday, September 13, 2004

Greatest Blog Quotes

In my first few months of blogging, I've come to realize how many wonderful quotes can be found in the expressions of those who are part of this vibrant, intelligent, funny, and interesting community. As such, I'd love your participation with this post.

At the end of this post, I am going to put my current pick for most entertaining quote by a blogger. I'd love it if you all participated by posting a favorite of your own in the comments. At some point, I will compile them all into one easy to read post.

And now, for my favorite quote...

"Did you know: I don't like to say "fuck me" during sex because it reminds me of The Exorcist." Melika


Jill said...

Chris, I have been meaning to chime in on this. Bryan's friend Mark has a blog ( - he is an amazing writer by the way) and he linked to the posting below from and it is hilarious. I couldn't come up with just one quote - take what you will.

Stand tall, Florida!
Florida has been in the news lately - and for something other than election fraud! - where millions of residents are once again battling the elements for the right to continue living in an overheated swamp infested with blood-sucking insects and killer reptiles...

Yes Californians get an earthquake now and then, yes it snows up north. But only you have decided to shuffle off to an enormous foul poisonous bog afflicted with giant man-eating lizards which is routinely punched from the sky by storm titans who seek to blot it from the very sight of God!
You have recognized that it is Man's Great Destiny to colonize every inch of the planet even - no! especially! - those parts of the earth that are so comically inhospitable that the assembled forces of God and Nature lash out in a concerted attempt to destroy their aged, enfeebled residents on a regular basis! If you liked sunny weather you could have moved to Arizona. If you liked tourist traps you could have moved to Las Vegas. If you liked vast political corruption you could have moved to Chicago. But your Faustian striving for a ranch home in a noxious wind-battered wasteland has driven you to boldly live where no one else would ever want to before!

Giblets (author of fafblog -jj) awaits the day when humans will build gated communities at the bottom of the ocean, in the heart of the Sahara, on the Moon, inside active volcanos, within the snarling engorged throats of mad and slavering Elder Gods! Let no region, no matter how inhospitable, slow your suburban sprawl! You are the pioneers of tomorrow, and from Giblets's sane and survivable mild north Atlantic climate, he salutes you!

Anonymous said...

What do you get when you mix romaine lettuce, feta cheese, mini cherry tomatoes, bartlett pear, walnuts and some balsamic vinagrette?

Possibly the tastiest salad ever.

Saucy-drunk Suse
mischief and melancholy

Chris said...

Thanks Jill & Mystery person for your contributions. Here's one I stumbled on that cracked me up:

Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my hair. It's still hard for me to talk about. I walked in with long hair and walked out looking like Carrot Top. I bawled. I had to wait 4 months for it to grow out enough to cut it all off.

To cheer myself up, I went out and bought myself 2 new pair of glasses. A red pair, because I always wear red, and prescription sunglasses. I only had the sunglasses for 5 days before I left them on the roof of the car and drove away. What a dumbass!

It was a rough week.
Posted by Special K (

Chris said...

"just wanted to tell you all that if you have to puke, eat some chocolate first. Doesn't taste so bad coming back up"

This is another from Special K