Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Got Dem Ole Blues Again

That's right folks, I've got the blues. Feeling a bit down the last couple of days. I sense that I really need a vacation, perhaps a bit of solitude, and a smattering of sleep. My brain actually hurts!

Some items from early in the semester:
-It's astonishing how many college students have no clue what their social security number is.
-I'm baffled at how many college students simply refuse to READ simple instructions then lie about having read them when asked if they did (of course this must be balanced with the frightening number of college aged students unable to read and comprehend the simple instructions - with pictures).
-I realized today that my entire job revolves around resolving other peoples problems which in turn occasionally creates more problems for me of which I am unable to resolve due to the amount of time it takes to resolve the problems of others.

***Chris stops to take a deep breath***

There, a little better am I...

I've had my first miserable experience with DirecTV which after weeks I though would be resolved today - but only grew more frustrating and will result in a customer service call. I am extremely pissed off about this!

***Chris pauses hoping to find something positive for this post***

Coming soon...the booklist continues, a yummy salmon recipe (that involves beer), "MAD-LIBS", Politics, Religion, and more. Stay tuned!

Until next time, May God Bless You All!

P.S. Jams, If you are reading this, let me once again encourage you to write a blog.


Michael said...

She's got one all set up, you know. She created it so she could comment on mine when I only had Blogger's commenting system. I mean, sure, she's never posted on it, but it's lurking out there in Blog-land.

The title?

How To Correctly Tip A Cow.

I'd like to officially declare the Campaign To Persuade Jammie To Start Her Own Blog, or CPJSHOB, open.

Anonymous said...

you're in MA? Me too. What part are you in? Found you thru Melika.


jennifer said...

College kids suck! oh...wait...I am one. Heh. I feel your frustration Chris. My job revolves around the same bullshit. Grrrr.