Monday, September 06, 2004

I Laughed at This and other Nonsense

There's a really funny post called That's right. Git'ter done.* at this blog...Sprizee :: A simple girl replete with complications

As I type this, I am watching one of the scariest programs I've ever seen on TV. It is about a family who has 14 children, with a 15th along the way. That is just absolutely NUTS!

The CD In the Pursuit of Leisure by Sugar Ray is a masterpiece.

I made pan-fried pork chops with Basmati Rice for dinner today.

I think it's really odd that they make children's vitamins in the shape of cartoon characters and superheroes. Why are we encouraging cannibalism at such an early age?

I watched none of the recent summer olympics.

Before I typed this line, I enjoyed a wedge of sweet, seedless watermelon.

I have nothing left to say, so I'll say goodbye, for now.


JC said...

Hahaha! That "Git'ter Done" post at the girl's blog was hilarious! Thanks for that laugh!

sprizee said...

Thanks for the compliment Chris.

I was starting to get concerned I might actually have to get a life when blogger was down for over 12 hour (oh the horror!).

But now it's back (praise the lawd!).

[insert canned applause here]

T.J. said...

You and me both S.

I followed you here. That's me in the car behind you. Oh, wait. I don't have a car.

Or live in Seattle.

Anyhow, hi Chris.