Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Our Fearless Leader

This picture is a hoot. Unfortunately, it's an insult to Alfred E. Newman who even as a fictitous character is more intelligent than GWB.
I spent almost $800 bucks on a combination of routine maintenace and brakes. I really hate that!
I am enjoying The Apprentice and Survivor and looking forward to the finale of Last Comic Standing; though I'm thoroughly disappointed that Jay London, maybe the funniest comic in America, has been eliminated.
The pool is closed for the season.
I hate chipmunks.
Expect to see another recipe in the near future.
I haven't taken a clear breath through my nose in my entire adult life.
I miss Daisy.
Jams!!!! Where the hell have you been?
Dr. Watson? Are you reading this?
Peace to all...back soon.

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