Sunday, September 05, 2004

Your Heart Can Tell The Difference

A few days ago while shifting papers around, I rediscovered a poem I wrote a little more than three years ago. I think over the course of the last few days I've read, and reread that poem about a hundred times because I was trying to put myself back in the place I was when I wrote it. I wanted to feel it again; so badly in fact that in my mind I actually created an entire cast of characters and wrote a little story about them that eventually could be summed up by the words of this poem.

One of the things that have always attracted me to poetry is that it can be interpreted differently by each person and therefore mean many things to many people and even have no meaning whatsoever. As a writer of poetry, or anything for that matter, one of the most difficult things to do is to put your writing out there and actually embrace the vulnerability of your words, your thoughts your emotions, and your feelings. When I first started writing poetry intentionally, I always said that the only thing I could ever hope to accomplish beyond the completion of a poem, is to have just one person read it. With that, I offer you this poem that I have re-lived many times over in the last few days (I'll warn you now that it's both sappy and spiritual - but it also represents an important piece of who I am):

Your Heart Can Tell The Difference

Spent the last year of my life
Putting yesterday behind
Not once looking for the magic
I was soon about to find

I saw you from a distance
In your world, you shined so bright
While I walked through my own darkness
Somehow in you, I saw a light

So I listened for a moment
While my heart spoke to my soul
Though I thought I had the answers
It was out of my control

I believe that up in heaven
The good Lord made a choice
And in the sounds of silent whispers
I listened for a voice

It said, "If this is what you're feeling,
Though it may seem like a dream,
Your heart can tell the difference
This is all you'll hear from me."

Then I knew beyond the shadow
Of any doubt - it must be true
All that had been empty
Was now filled up with you

Each day we share together
Each time that we make love
I'll remember those words I heard
From the good Lord up above

My heart can tell the difference
My heart knows what is true
And in these words I offer
My heart, I give to you.

© 6/17/2001 Christopher Daniele

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