Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Halloween Party

Last night I attended a Halloween party and for the first time in 15 years or so, even wore a costume, albeit a cheesy store bought last minute costume, but a costume by definition nonetheless. This is the obligatory sentence where I mention my cute 6 year old who is scared of her own shadow, and even more scared of a bleeding skull head fountain just off the entranceway. Fortunately, the little one went to sleep quickly enough to allow dad some party time.

Among the usual pleasantries that a good party offers, this one offered the entertainment value of many clever costumes. Of particular note in the costume area, the winners of the costume contest, the "Wizard of Oz" featuring Dorothy, the Scarecrow (whose smile could light up a room), the Cowardly Lion (whose hair look like that of a chick I dated in the eighties), and the Tin Man (who in my opinion had the best costume). Other terrific costumes included a hauntingly accurate portrayal of our retarded president, one night stand (our lovely host Jill), Mr. & Mrs. Devil (Mr. Devil mentioned that his wife actually took a class in makeup for this-they were quite extraordinary, and red), Guns & Roses (a clever parody featuring Linda & Rich), a Geisha (Jill's Grandma), a lint roller (the delightful Kate), and amongst many others, the Marlboro Girl (a "smoking hot" portrayal by Melisa).

It was especially nice to put faces to names and blogs. Kate, Melisa, and Bryan are all people whose blogs I've read but never met (until of course, last night). Thank you Jill for the invite and to all the Jeffrey's who made the party happen. Thanks for the haunted house idea and the tour of your new digs, and for the realization of my age (it was the first time I ever saw an ice luge).

The party rocked! Happy Halloween to all!


Jill said...

Thanks for the nice words about the party. I do love throwing it every year and I'm glad you were able to make it, especially in costume - I appreciate the effort.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but I'm feeling the Kerry vibe. I'm starting to believe that he has a slighly better shot at winning than the moron there now and I'm gonna latch onto that hope for the next 24 hours. This time we can call and congratulate one another :)

Jams said...

And your cheesy store-bought costume was......?

Chris said...

A prisoner. The cheesy prisoner costume, complete with black and white stripes and goofy cap. Thany you Jams for asking.

Jams said...

Any time! And I'm not giggling at the mental image of you wearing a prisoner get-up. I'm not, I tells ya!

*bites lip really hard*