Sunday, November 28, 2004

After the Tryptophan

So here we are a few days after the Turkey and it seems many (including myself) have taken a short break from life (though I have spent two days removing leaves from my property using muscles that only get used to remove leaves and/or snow).

My family spent Thanksgiving over at the Jeffrey household. Amongst the company were two fellow bloggers, Jeffrey offspring and Rambler of a Literary Mind - Jill and Bryan of BMOConline fame. Dinner was awesome, dessert a delight, the company wonderful, and the games - lots of fun (who knew besides Jill that a dictionary could be fun?).

Though the "holiday" season has begun, I must confess that I hate Christmas. I spent a lot of my earlier years working in retail environments and it is just too difficult looking forward to this holiday of indulgence and materialism. However, today's sermon at church was very helpful in showing the separation between the commercial aspects of the season, and the spiritual one. Thank you to Rebecca for giving me some perspective that just may get me through this season.

I saw Scary Movie 3 last night and found myself laughing an awful lot, but the movie really isn't much of a movie as much as it is a collection of jokes and sight gags.

Perhaps I can encourage all of you as we come out of Thanksgiving and into this holiday season to think about those less fortunate than yourself and what you may be able to do to bring even a moment of happiness to someone you may not even know. It's a challenge that was brought forth to me and one I accept with hope that I can break free from the annual bout of depression I go through during this season.

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