Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sunday Shorts

1. I began a 4 week workshop at church today. It is my first time leading a workshop and it was an interesting challenge that appeared to be well received.

2. I got lazy at dinnertime and ordered a Pizza (with Pepperoni, from Papa Gino's).

4. Noting happened to 3. if you've been paying attention, there hasn't been a 3 for some time now.

5. I have plenty of paperwork along with papers to grade and have no desire to do either.

6. I've spent alot of time thinking about how Michael and Jennifer are getting along out there in California.

7. There's a delightful photo of Sprizee here.

8. My brain really hurts right now, so I am going to cut this short.

1 comment:

Michael said...

Well, Chris, if I may reveal a closely guarded secret known to nobody except you, me, and her...I'm fine, but Jennifer just fell off the couch.

Wish you were here.