Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Seeing this picture again reminds me that I really should bring my digital camera to your next gig and have more recent photos.

May your birthday and every day be sweet and filled with hope and all the happiness and success you wish for.

My dear readers, you will soon be able to purchase the debut solo CD of this incredibly talented musician, writer, person, and friend. Details will be posted here.
Have a great birthday!


Jams said...

Whooooooa there, nelly. When you say "Jenn" do you mean MY Jenn? Michael's Jenn? THE Jenn?!

Chris said...

Jammie oh Jammie - I do certainly mean "The Jenn" just not "The Jenn" you are referring to, whom I've only know for a short time. "My Jenn" is someone I've know for a very long time, who gre up in Brooklyn, NY just a few blocks away, and whose incredible musical talents I have been fortunate to have witnessed many times.

However, you now have me wondering of the other "The Jenn", "Your Jenn", "Michael's Jenn" also has musical skill that I am not aware of. Hmmmm?

Jams said...

Eeps! I should've known better. That girl wasn't even wearing glasses, so there was no way she could've been our Jenn.

I feel sheepish. Baaaaa!