Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Another Day, Another (Stolen) Survey Thingee

3 Names You Go By
- Chris
- Computer Geek
- Perfesser

3 Things You Like About Yourself
- I’m a good cook
- I can bake too
- This spot reserved for future use (is there a therapist in the house?)

3 Things You Hate About Yourself
- Sometimes I don’t know when to shut up
- My wardrobe – most of it anyway
- My teeth

3 Things That Scare You
- President Bush (including anyone who serves and or served in his administration)
- Homelessness
- Catastrophic Illness

3 Everyday Essentials
- Chocolate
- Blogging
- Music

3 Things You're Wearing Right Now
- An orange, yes orange Halloween themed MassBay Community College T-Shirt
- Navy Blue Ribbed Fruit of the Loom Underwear (Briefs)
- Blue Jeans baby..the old fashioned cheapo 20 dollar Lee Jeans kind

3 Fave Bands/Artists
- U2
- Bruce Springsteen
- Metallica

3 Fave Songs/Presently
- Vertigo [U2]
- Are You Gonna Be My Girl [JET]
- Holy Water [Big & Rich]

2 Truths/1 Lie [in Random order]
- I have a mad crush on Shania Twain
- I have a wife and daughter
- I’ve written a novel

3 Careers You Would Consider
- Game Show Host
- Standup Comedian
- Actor

3 People Who Would Enjoy This Quiz
- Cuzzup! (My cousin Annalisa)
- The folks who’ve already completed and posted it (except the one I stole it from)
- This is a longshot – but I’m guessing my pal Liz at work (Liz, call me and let me know if I am right on this one)


Jams said...

Hee hee. You're really too cute, Chris. Love your musical tastes, btw.

Chris said...

Thanks Jammie - hey, have you ever read the comment on your ONE blog post?

Jams said...

Hee hee. Wha? I don't have a blog, ya silly!

Chris said...

Have you forgotten "How to Correctly Tip a Cow?"

Jams said...

Oh! That blog! Hahahahaha! Yeah, I guess I did forget about it. I'll have to find it and check out the comment.

Jams said...

Erm, I totally have no idea how to find my own blog. This is so embarrasing.

Jams said...

...of course, not as embarrassing as misspelling "embarrassing". Now THAT is what I'd call an all-time low.

Chris said...

Jammie - simply click on your name JAMS at the top of any one of your comment posts. :)

Jams said...

Did I say the previous misspelling was my all-time low? I stand corrected. *is shamed*