Sunday, January 23, 2005

Beyond the Snow and "Heeere's Johnny!"

Well the snow finally stopped after dumping about 2 1/2 feet (you read that correctly, I said feet) of the fluffy white cold stuff. I was outside my house at the ridiculously early 5:45am with my trust snow thrower - and 2 1/2 hours later, my driveway was accessible once again. Of course, the snow was still falling at a healthy enough pave that I had to spend another hour and change at about 2pm to clear the driveway once more. They've closed the college tomorrow so I get the day off and look forward to the chance to get a bit of R and R.

* * * * * * * * *
Johnny Carson passed away Sunday morning at the age of 79. Carson was considered by many to be something of a TV legend, and if longevity is what makes a legend, then I'll agree. I grew up during the Carson era of late night TV and remember when I was finally old enough to stay up and watch. I remember being mesmerized, not so much by Carson himself, but the whole format of that show. I'm not going to go into too much detail about how I really feel about Carson and how he handled his power and ego as it's all moot now and the guy is dead. May he rest in piece (which is easier said than done for people of celebrity).
What I do wish to comment on is the stupidity of the media. I'm sure any of you can write for hours on this topic but I'll just comment on one stupid comment I heard at the start of the Patriots game. "We here at CBS mourn the loss of a true legend...We will all miss him dearly." The mourning part I have no problem with, but the miss him part - Carson left TV in 1992 and has not made a public appearance since. What the heck are they gonna miss - his absence? I think it is a noble thing for CBS to make mention of Carson's passing (especially since he worked for NBC), but at least put some thought into what you are going to say- It is possible to pay tribute to an icon (which for better or worse Carson was) without being patronizing, foolish, or just stupid.

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Jams said...

I wonder how much Dave Letterman paid the CBS sports team to say that on the air?