Sunday, January 09, 2005

Bus Ride(s), an IPOD, and a Few Hours to Kill

These CD's are amongst the latest into the collection and thanks to the technological marvel we call IPOD, I listened to all of them in their entirety during my round trip bus excursion to NYC. Of course their was additional time to listen to many of the MP3's I've collected over the years.

Thanks to Jennifer for getting me turned onto Social Distortion, you may notice three of their CD's amongst the group. Folks, they rock...nothing more need be said. The Cure is as optimistic as usual, Diana Krall has a silky jazz sound with a new Elvis Costello influenced (slight) edge, JET is really good barebones rock and roll, Shakira provided some Latin rhythms - quite nicely, I surprisingly enjoyed Maroon 5 and their version of the pop music sound.

I have dinner in the oven - catch y'all later.


jennifer said...

haha..glad i could help chris. :)

Michael said...

I like Maroon 5. Funny, when no-one really knew about them, all the cool kids were saying they were great...then as soon as they started having hits, they were over-produced crap. Me, I liked them to start with, and I still like them.