Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Couple of Quick Thoughts

(a) Moving snow and the new semester starting at work has me a bit winded.
(b) I really want to write about the stupidity of these jackass right-wing x-tian's who think Spongebob Squarepants is evil and promoting a "gay agenda".

...Added Wed morning, 1/26, 6:45am
Click here for visual proof that SpongeBob is in fact not gay!

(c) The show "House" is terrific, mostly due to the brilliant Hugh Laurie.
(d) The New England Patriots are truly inspiring.
(e) I haven't read a book yet in 2005.
(f) If you don't yet own the CD "Get Born" by Jet, go buy it now - it's simply amazing!
(g) PeopleSoft is easily the worst software product in the world and I hope that Larry Ellison scraps it now that Oracle own PeopleSoft.
(h) The 5,000 people getting laid off from PeopleSoft probably deserve to be cut loose - have I mentioned how sucky that product is?
(i) It's going to snow again tomorrow.
(j) Somewhere in the world, a baby's ass was just slapped welcoming the little critter into this mess we call a world.
(k) I consider myself an optimist.

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Jams said...

Get Born is one of my fave driving cds. Rock on, Chris!