Saturday, January 22, 2005

New England has it's share of Stupid Folks

I really hate to have to get all pissed off on people. However, it stands to reason that one of the things we come to expect during the winters here in New England is a good old fashioned Nor'Easter - often, and most notably represented by cold, wind, cold wind, more cold, and a foot or two of snow. It is highly unusual for a winter to go by without one, this season being no exception.

So, my dear fellow bloggers, what irks me to no end, is that as one is forecasted and pending (as the one we are amidst which promises the requisite foot or two of the cold powdery stuff from above), why does what seems like the entire population of every town end up buying everything they can possibly fit into a shopping cart or three as if they are stocking up for - well, I don't know. I really should take some digital shots of the aisle after aisle of naked shelving in the supermarkets and the 90 minute to 2 hour wait at the checkout lines.

Dear New Englanders, you live in New England for goodness sakes. It friggin' snows here. It really isn't all that big a deal and you need not supply enough food, especially pickled pigs feet, spam, canned fried onions, all varieties of canned beans, that scary pudding in a plastic cup - not the Jell-o or Swiss Miss Brand, the odd Del Monte or other scary one that requires no refrigeration (what's up with that?)...just go the frig home and chill out. The snow will go and you will not starve without that last package of refried pork rinds or the scariest of all snack foods, canned potato chips (which now actually have trivia questions neatly typed on them).



JC said...

People are dumbasses, plain and simple. It snows almost every week here and people are SO SUPRISED everytime. SNOW in Colorado? Who would have thought!!

Just be glad you aren't in the south. I read a story on about how it snowed an inch (ONE INCH) in some Georgian city and people just lost their minds. There were car accidents, an 8 hour commute, and people camping out in grocery stores because they were too afraid to drive on the ice.

I'm no doctor, but I'm gonna go ahead and write them a prescription for two testicles...

Jams said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! Those Del Monte puddings are the WORST, aren't they? They taste like ass.

And I know what you mean about the hysteria shoppers. We get that all the time here in okie. It probably has a lot to do with the erratic weather here (in the 70s one day, sub-zero the next) and that people will use any excuse to eat junk food. Oh, and that they enjoy pissing me off.