Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Good Bowling Score, Bad Cholesterol

I had a complete physical examination last week. The doctor said "everything seems to be okay. You should consider eating better and getting some exercise - let's see how the blood work turns out."

Four days later (today), my doctor calls me himself. "Hi Chris, this is Dr. Chau. I wanted to discuss your cholesterol." Here's the rundown: 251 total cholesterol, triglycerides are at 179 (should be less than 150), HDL (the "Good" cholesterol) is at 37 (should be above 40), LDL (the "Bad" cholesterol) is a whopping 178 (should be less than 100). So, this isn't the best news for a paranoid hypochondriac such as myself.

The good doctor asked if I wanted to consider go on medication or taking a "more aggressive" route of diet and exercise. I've decided to give myself 3 months, retest, then go from there. Of all of the genetic transference, the propensity to produce cholesterol is one I'd gladly have opted not to receive. Such is life.

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Joy said...

Regular aerobic exercise and no refined carbs will take care of it. It works for me when I do it. My problem is triglycerides, not cholesterol, though. For that, please do diet and exercise and not those drugs that have so many dangerous side-effects. Take omega 3 fatty oil capsules such as flax, borage, and fish oils. The food and exercise approach is the healthiest way to do it.