Wednesday, March 23, 2005


-I love my iPod.

-iTunes could be improved.

-Fairly new (to me) CD's that I am loving include: Good Charlotte and The Young and the Hopeless (both by Good Charlotte), Live and Kickin' (Willie Nelson and Friends), Drunk Enough to Dance (bowling for Soup), and Lucky Ones (Pat Green).

-After a complete disappointment with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Kevin Smith made a triumphant return to good films with Jersey Girl which I absolutely loved.


Egan said...

Chris, what's your beef with iTunes? Just curious is all.

Chris said...

Egan - perhaps "beef" is a bit harsh though I really wasn't too specific in my initial post. If I had one main gripe it would be the twisted logic that music can only go one way-into the ipod and not in reverse.

The program is functional but I just don't "love" using it. You know how some programs you use have that "fit like a glove" feeling? I don't have that with itunes...again, it could just be me and my lack of spending time with it. I'll be patient and give it time - though I don't have much of a choice but to use it.

Egan said...

Are you talking about iTunes or the iPod? I do feel you if this is the iPod we are discussing. Let me know and I will try and help you out. Which iPod do you own?

Chris said...

My ipod is the 60Gig iPod photo - a sweet little machine. I love the design, I've grown use to and fond of the wheel (though my big thumbs are occasionally challenged by it)- it would be nice to pick a group of songs on the fly right from the iPod - an instant playlist right from the unit.

I'm having a difficult time articulating exactly what about the iTunes software irks me and as a really try to evaluate it, which thankfully your questioning has forced me to do a little deeper, I find that I just can't pinpoint what about iTunes I don't like. Maybe I'm just being "the pessimist" for no reason as clearly I can find fault with just about any software.