Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Food for Thought

or, My Two Cents on the Terry Schiavo Case.

It pains me to see this amount of media coverage on what really should be a private affair. This is a far more complex issue for anyone to comment on from any perspective outside the one that the immediate family of Terry Schiavo herself. However, I'll make a couple of points that have come to me over the last few weeks:

  • There's an obscene irony in that what caused her condition was a complication from an eating disorder.
  • I can't understand the logic behind keeping someone alive in that fashion for 15 years or more when the condition is clearly incurable.
  • If the family wishes to keep her alive, and had the resources to pay for the treatment and facility, they should have that right.
  • Terry Schiavo's husband is clearly a deeply disturbed man and should seek professional help. I say that not as a criticism but as an observation and sincere opinion.
  • I hope that if Terry Schiavo has any sense of awareness it is focused only on how much her parents love her.
  • As I type these thoughts I find myself saddened at this whole situation, trying to find some sense of understanding that I know does not exist.
  • My thoughts and prayers are with Terry Schiavo and her family.
  • I suspect there are lessons that we all can learn from this case. If there must be so much suffering and pain covered by the media, I hope that we all can learn something from it.

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Puck said...

> Terry Schiavo's husband is clearly a deeply disturbed man

We, here in the Netherlands, only get the short story. Not much details.
Could you tell me why the husband is 'a disturbed man'?