Sunday, March 20, 2005

From the Photo Vault

LL Cool J and Not So Cool Me (1990ish)

Back in the early 80's while in college, I was the production director of the college radio station; which means I had access and control of some fairly neat equipment. Two of my college friends who also had a radio show were these rappers called "Jekkyl and Hyde" who had already recorded their first album.

One day, Jekkyl and Hyde (whose actual names escape me after all these years especially since I actually called them by their rap names)come in with a neighborhood friend of theirs named James. James (they said) was working on some demos and asked me if he could have access to some of my production equipment. I was pretty tight with the guys and gladly allowed their friend to use my studio.

About a year or so later (1985ish), this album comes out called "Radio" by a guy named L.L. Cool J who is actually James Todd Smith from Queens...the same James who used my equipment.

Fast forward about 5 years or so, sometime between 1990 and 1991 and my girlfriend and I are stumbling into a diner in Queens, NY after partying hard (major drinking and a ridiculous amount of pot) and who is sitting at the table next to where we were seated? The one and only rap music superstar L.L. Cool J. By this time, Cool J had three albums under his belt (including one of my all time favorites "Walking with a Panther") and his fourth album had just "dropped" ("Mama Said Knock You Out").

Anyway, I was stoned, drunk, and therefore bold enough to walk up to him and before I said a word he whispered something in his (giant) bodyguards ear and the next thing I know I'm having this photo taken. Turns out he recognized me and was very nice (though he wasn't thrilled trying to decipher the gibberish coming from my pothead drunken self at the time). He was gracious to chat for a few moments, introduce himself to my girlfriend, and then ask for his privacy back.

Note the giant glasses, the big hair, and the goofy, I just smoked way too much pot grin on my face.



Rob "MEAH" C said...

You know.. the funny thing about this is I know you well after your drunken pot days and you still spoke gibberish and had the same smile!! Gotta love you!!

Egan said...

I don't even want to read what this post is about. I just have to remark about the hair and the glasses Chris. Wow... that's some amazing stuff. You could have been a candidate for Afro Sheen. Nice, very nice and damn do you ever have some balls for posting that picture. I may have to post my picture with Vanilla Ice now.