Sunday, March 27, 2005

I Miss...

...Daisy, Jams, and L from Bloggerville.
...Bitching about it being too hot.
...All my NY friends that I haven't had the chance to visit with in way too long.
...My mom & dad (even though a part of them will always be with me).
...Roy Orbison. I'll never forget being in the 3rd row center at Pier 84, standing on the chair and singing along every song in the show.
...Not having responsibilities (and having them but not giving a crap about them).


Puck said...

Speaking of responsibilities.. how about that source-code of yours..?

Chris said...

Puck - having had a programming background form a past past life, I appreciate your recognition of sloppy code and even your willingness to help clean it up. However, I am simply at a lazy stage where I content if it works and considering how pickety pick picky Blogger is, I am hesitant to mess with it more than necessary.

I am quite grateful that you stop by and read the blog.

Pat said...

glad you loved Roy Orbison!!...where in Massachusetts are you?.. this fellow is from Chicopee, he is singing in Atlantic City right now:

Webmaster said...
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