Sunday, March 13, 2005

A Little Action (in the DVD Player)

Last year I read alot of books and cut down my movie watching. For some reason I can't get myself into reading again and as such have only made it through one boom thus far. As I sit here, I just finished watching movie number ten of the year and since I have nothing else to write about - I thought I'd talk a bit about the films.

A couple years ago when I began (ridiculously) keeping track of the movies I've seen, I came up with an even more ridiculous rating system (on a scale of 1-5) that scored the film based on how I felt after watching in terms of total entertainment value. I've come to realize after reviewing those lists and even seeing some of those movies again that the ratings really are "in the moment" so that being said, here are the movies I've seen so far (in the order that I saw them):

1. Fahrenheit 9/11 (Rating 4.5/5) - an important movie that needed to be edited down to 100 minutes or less. Too much of a good bad thing gets a bit monotonous and monotony can get boring.

2. Coffee and Cigarettes (Rating 2.5/5) - this is a Jim Jarmusch film that falls a bit short of on the total package but has some really great moments (Roberto Benigni and Steven Wright's scene is simply brilliant).

3. Secret Window (Rating 2.5/5) - I think I already wrote about this in a previous post. Johnny Depp is outstanding as always but the film was just poorly made.

4. Kill Bill Vol. 2 (Rating 2.5/5) - I'm not afraid to say I was disappointed. Tarantino has balls but falls short here in my opinion. At least 2 of the 2.5 point goes to Uma Thurman; more accurately her eyes which completely took my breath away in this movie.

5. Shrek 2 (Rating 4.5/5) - I almost chose not to see this because I really didn't like the first Shrek movie. I laughed alot and thought the story was cute. As I write this I can't remember why I even knocked of 1/2 a point.

6. Starsky & Hutch (Rating 2.5/5) - This was a letdown for me because I used to be a huge fan of the show when it aired back in the 1970's. A bad parody, poor screenplay, with a few good moments from Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller. Props to Snoop Dogg who was brilliant (yes, I said brilliant) as Huggy Bear.

7. The Ladykillers (Rating 3.5/5) - Class Coen brothers material here with a terrific cast led by Tom Hanks who demonstrates just how versatile an actor he really is with this role. An entertaining little picture!

8. Elf (Rating 5/5) - in a word..."timeless classic". Okay, so that's two words but this is simply a great film that I had a great time watching with my 6 year old (except that she had already seen it and insisted on telling me everything that was going to happen just before it did).

9. Dodgeball (Rating 2/5) - a couple of stupid laughs overshadowing the bigger joke that Dodgeball is depicted as a serious sport. In fact the only real redeeming quality of this fill is that the game of dodgeball is used as a character in the film.

10. The Big Bounce (Rating 2.5/5) - A poor directing job, a bad script that hangs by a thin thread of good actors that make it bearable to sit through a short 83 minutes.


pingel said...

I think you were a little hard on kill bill v.2; I would have given it atleast a 3.5. Otherwise your "crazy" ratings are on the money give or take a half a point. ;)

Michael said...

I thought vol. 2 kicked many different varieties of tail. It maybe didn't grab the attention like the first part, but it was still a decent film.

jennifer said...

yeah, vol. 2 ruled all kinds of different cool. i just watched it again for the third time and, holy shit, it still amazes me.