Thursday, March 24, 2005

NYC and my friend Jenn

I'll be heading down to NYC tomorrow for a surprise 40th birthday party being held for a good friend. We're staying overnight and getting together with my brother, his fiancee, my sister, and her kids for lunch on Saturday.

Take a visit over to my friend Jenn's website. Plain and simple, Jenn Rocks!!!

The dime could very well be the saddest coin.

When was the last time you had tapioca pudding?

My friends Nancy firmly believes there is such a thing as a stupid question. I agree.

I find Sandra Bullock sexy.

There's a new flavor of Wrigley's extra gum...Green Apple.

I highly recommend Ray's frozen bagels.

Sweet dreams to all of you.


Anonymous said...


I think I love you,

So what am I so afraid of?

A love that is...

....I do not know the rest of the song.

StephTexas1976 said...

mmmmmmm... likes

Chris said...

It's nice to be loved!