Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I like that word, "Pleasantries". While exchanging pleasantries during coffee hour after church, two people came up to me and stated, "you've lost weight!" Considering that I've severely changed my eating habits (for the better), walk a minimum of 4.5 miles a day, and as a result am considerably more miserable because all I want is a few dozen double-stuff oreos and a vat of milk to dunk'em in.

Today I fixed a colleagues Palm computer and made a retarded reference to Palm Sunday.

I'd like to publicly thank Egan for recognizing the "balls" I had publishing that goofy ass photo - funny how it came right after the queer eye guy quiz.

Peace to all!

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Egan said...

You're welcome my internet friend. I had some photos like that, but haven't posted them yet. Hmmmm, maybe they will make a guest appearance soon.

Congrats on the weight loss and all. You look much hotter these days. Happy to see the church folk notice you're rapidly approaching that girlish figure you have desired. Is it Palm Sunday already?