Saturday, March 26, 2005

Starring FDR as FDR

You just got to love this level of ridiculousity. The bookmark pictured here is
prominently displayed aside an 8 1/2 x 11 photo advertising this FDR special on the History channel. The artwork is similar to a previous feature on the history channel which had Tom Selleck portraying "Ike".
So, I come across this new FDR display and utter in my own stupidity to the librarian, "Wow, who is that dude playing FDR - it looks just like him?"
Response, "Uh, that is FDR, it's a documentary."
Me, "Sorry, I'm the idiot."
Fade to black.
In other news, the trip to NYC was fun. Friday night was a surprise 40th birthday party for my friend Rob. Johnny Dee gets the nod for the most creative gift having made a 3 CD set of music chronicling each of the 40 years of life for Rob. Kudos the Rob's dad Phil and Janine for assembling the "How well do you know Rob" quiz (after 20 some odd years - not so well for me apparently).
Earlier today I got to spend some time with my brother, sister-in-law to be,
My sister, her significant other, and my nephew and niece who are all grown up (16 and 13). Hopefully some pics will follow if my sister remembers to email them to me.
Finally, thanks to all the idiots who drove in front of me during the 222+ mile journey home - I hated all of you!
Happy Easter.

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