Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Perfect Timing

The expression perfect timing was redefined for me today. At the college, we’ve been amidst a grueling accreditation process that has kept all of us busy and in meetings and others of us with the added responsibility of making sure all things technical (computers, laptops, A/V, video, teleconferencing) were working as they should.

So, today, after several days of on site visits and interviews, the accreditation team presented their preliminary report live in the auditorium of one campus while being teleconferenced out to another. A few minutes before go time, I am standing on stage doing a microphone sound check for the teleconference and just about ready for the go sign when of all things, the fire alarm sounds and we all must exit the building.

Here’s the timing sequence: I speak into the microphone and say “check, check, testing, 1,2,3,4. Terry, are we ready to go?” I then gander over to the control room, Terry’s arm begins to give the go sign and at the same time I place the microphone into the table stand and give the go sign to the moderator – then the alarm blows.

So the two to three hundred or so of us exit the auditorium (along with the rest of the campus population) and gather at the flagpole outside. Thankfully the weather was nice and after about fifteen or so minutes we head back inside and eventually, the presentation begins.

About twenty minutes into the presentation, while the speaker is presenting various strengths and “concerns”, she made mention of how one of the strengths is the recent investment in the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system upgrade is wonderful and great. The instant the sentence was complete a loud thunderous roar diverts the attention of everyone in the room. Lo and behold the HVAC system kicked into gear and decided to let the world know about it.
Then, it was all finally over and many of us took a deep breath and were grateful that we can go back to our normal hectic routine (as opposed to the kicked up intense hectic routine of this week).

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