Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Reality of Addiction... Reality Television (and other tidbits fro my so called life).

First off, here's my TV Schedule for the week:
Sunday: The Contender, The Surreal Life
Monday: Fear Factor
Tuesday: American Idol, Amazing Race (Thanks Egan for correcting me)
Wednesday: American Idol (Results Show), America's Next Top Model, Simple Life
Thursday: Survivor, The Apprentice

I also try to catch Jeopardy daily, House on Tuesday nights, and some daily dose of news and an occasional baseball game when the Yankees are available for free on one of the million and a half sports channels on DISH Network (of course The Swan is off season right now but I am patiently awaiting its return).

Funny, I know I had another tidbit or two to mention when I began this post but even I think less of myself after typing this TV schedule for all the world to see. I'll just go now.


Egan said...

I feel you man. I am so addicted to most of them. Faves are The Amazing Race and Survivor though. By the way, The Amazing Race is on Tuesday nights, not Wednesday unless you are TiVoing it. (yes, TiVo is now a verb).

Kate said...

I heart Amazing Race...

Joy said...

I prefer fiction but do watch The Apprentice and Project Runway and Celebrity Poker on Bravo. They might be fiction, too, for all I know. I'm hooked on The West Wing, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, Judging Amy, ER, Two and a Half Men, and a few more.