Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunnyside Cafe

Have you ever totally ignored a local eatery for no good reason? "It's just up the road, I can go there anytime." "It just off Main St., where will I park?" "We really should go there...soon."

I'm a moron , this wonderful place in our own back yard serves wonderful food with neighborhood charm and I've avoided it forever. That is, until today where I had a delightful late breakfast/early lunch after church.

The Sunnyside Cafe is one of those places where you're bound to bump into a friendly face (I bumped into two people I knew), here alot of local chit-chat, and be served simple, no-nonsense food that looks and tastes wonderful (and the prices are great too).

When I left, I actually only had two bucks in cash but the guy peddling newspapers out front remembered that I wanted a paper. I regretfully told him that I was a bit short when he said, "You always have good credit 'round here, I got ya covered on the balance." So besides owing 50 cents to this dude, I got a long overdue dose of hometown hospitality.

All of this had be wondering about the expression "hometown"; does it exclusively refer to the town or place of birth or is/can it referring to the town/place that you make your home in?

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