Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I'm not going too deep into explaining this one. Needless to say, the ever so entertaining and intelligent Egan was inspiring.


Egan said...

Thank you kind sir for participating. Once you see another vehicle with them plastered all over their car you won't feel anymore guilt. I promise.

I Googled "yellow ribbon magnet theft" and got a bunch of hits about others doing this exact thing. Curses!

Chris said...

No guilt whatsoever! It was fun because I was actually going somewhere with a colleague who was "mortified" at the whole thing.

My photo was taken with the magnet attached to the side of my refrigerator - in keeping with the home appliance theme.

Egan said...

It's a freaking $3-5 magnet people. Plus it's a magnet. Get a sticker if you don't want anyone to deface your car/pride.

I got some grief about this at work today. Screw them. I will take a few of these and replace them on another car. Now leave me alone people. Send photo my way please Chris. Peace out Chris!

sprizee said...


I mean, praise us infidels!