Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fly...On the Wall

At work on Tuesday, I was buzzing around a lot conducting workshops and the sort when my boss asked if I would attend his presentation during budget hearings to support our department. As I frantically worked to make it to the 1:45 budget hearing while helping someone load the Flash player, I managed to find a minute to head o the men’s room and “freshen up” before heading into the board room.

Guys, especially the shirt and tie guys, is it just me or do we all suffer from the t-shirt riding up under the dress shirt and creating some indescribable discomfort syndrome? So, while in the men’s room, I thought I’d address this issue and make any necessary adjustments allowing me to be as comfortable as possible for the budget hearings.

The board room was quick and painless, though chock full of executivity – especially the VP of finance, who gandered at me with a stare and a smile at one point (which will prove to be a pivotal psychological moment as you’ll see shortly).

After exiting the hearings, I went over to chat with a colleague about the experience, wandered a bit around the building, and then went to the Instructional Technology lab to meet with an adjunct. As I sat at my desk and the instructor arrived, I looked down and noticed that my fly was open. At that moment, I was simply devastated wondering who might have noticed and spoke not to me of their discovery. I retraced my steps and realized that my adjustment time mentioned earlier had to be when the zipper was neglected. Remember the odd stare by the VP in the previous paragraph? Could it have been acknowledgment of my fauxest of faux pas-es? I was rattled the entire balance of the day over this until a new turn of unusual events had me baffled.

I returned to the men’s room shortly before leaving for the day and while standing at a urinal looked up to notice a hair on the wall. Now the peculiar thing is that the hair was at least a foot above where my six foot body tops off. Just how does a hair end up 7+ feet on a wall above a urinal? Oh my oh my oh my!

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sprizee said...

Tuck your undershirt into your underwear. Problem solved.

You're welcome.