Friday, May 20, 2005

Non-Sequitor of the Day, make that Lifetime

So I'm chatting it up with my pal Hatch when pretty much out of nowhere the following came from her mouth, "My nephew's balls are so much smaller now." [giant pause as I look in disbelief at the soundwaves my ears just picked up] "He had a hernia in his testicles and they were huge, disgustingly huge. [yet another pause of bewilderment as sympathy begins to roll on in to the mix] He had an operation and now he has normal balls for a four month old boy." [cringe, just plain cringe].

As they say in Mexico, ¡Aýe Caramba!

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Anonymous said...

ok, in my defense here, we were discussing how some people just don't have balls to get things done-of course I can't remember who or what, but it clicked with the good news of Chris' normal sized balls. I had to change his diaper yesterday and I was so happy for him. I mean, can you imagine how it would be when he's in high school with deformed testicles? So I am a happy aunt.