Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Quote, An Observation, and Ben & Jerry's

A Quote

"To get added value, you need to add the value." (Professor John Perkins 4/26/2005)

An Observation

There are no "quick stories" (as in, "let me tell you a quick story").

Ben & Jerry's

The last time I did the Walk for Hunger, I was elated to complete the 20 miles and be rewarded at the finish line with a delectable Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Bar; this made me very happy.

This year, as I was doing the walk, I was especially looking forward to getting that Ben & Jerry's bar because I hadn't had ice cream in several months as I have been "watching what I eat" in an effort to improve my cholesterol. I thought since I've been so good for so long and did this wonderful 20 mile walk and raised $660.00 that I would allow myself a treat.

Much to my chagrin, they were handing out ice cream bars from a far less appealing brand and I simply refused to indulge in an inferior product. I simply smiled a fake smile, hid my disappointment, and headed for the train to go home - still proud of my accomplishments.


Egan said...

Please tell me the inferior product was Dreyers/Edys ice cream.

Chris said...

Though I do consider both Bryer's and Edy's inferior products to Ben & Jerry's, in this instance the inferior product was Brigham's.
On the inferiority scale (or would that be the feriority scale), Id rate Breyer's as the most inferior, then Brighams, then Edy's.