Tuesday, June 14, 2005

"Freedom's Just Another Word..."

I suspect there'll be talking about this one for some time. I'm certain there are alot of opinions about the Michael Jackson case and his acquittal. I plan on being brief - mostly because I didn't follow the case and have not got enough information on the evidence presented to make any type of decision. What I am certain of as an outsider is how easy it is to have a feeling without realizing and/or caring that the potential consequence of the final decision. I admit that when this whole thing got started I was shouting out guilty and hang him without any thought of the reality of the situation and the potential effect on another human being.

It clearly appears (to me) that Michael Jackson has some deep unresolved issues that seen to be the basis for the apparent (to me) peculiarities, weirdities, oddities, and general uncomfortable feeling I get about him as a human being. There is a part of be that believes that the accusation very well could be true and that scares me for obvious reasons but on some level, I truly feel some measure of sympathy for Jackson.

Regarding this particular trial, from the notes and articles I've read and the "expert" legal analysis I've heard, it appears that the jury made the correct decision. My hope is that we are all just far too shallow to understand the complexity of the self proclaimed King of Pop. As he nears his 50th birthday, I hope that after all this time and having gone through this trial and it's aftermath (which I suspect will still have been harmful to him and his career) that MJ makes a real attempt to find peace with himself. In the past few weeks I've been forced to revisit how short life is and that there really is no time to take things for granted and repress a lifetime of anger, insecurity, doubt, fears, or anything.

Michael Jackson may not be in prison, but it seems clear to me that right now he is not a free man. I do hope for the sake of all children that he is not guilty of the charges made against him.

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