Thursday, June 09, 2005

Uncomfortably Numb

Aside from the enormous workload I took on today, not at my job, but afterwards at home - the last two weeks have been difficult in dealing with two deaths (recently blogged about) and an email regarding my friend Janine that I received today.

My friend Janine has suffered from a seizure disorder for some time. Though I don't know alot about it, I do know that the last time we hung out, she discussed that she was going to be looking into surgical options.

The email I received from her husband, my friend Rob, goes into some detail about the testing procedures she has endured, the possibility of surgery, and the prospects thereafter.

Rob and Janine are the parents of five children and their whole family are a part of a group of friends that I have known for more than twenty years. I've discussed this group of friends and our reunions at other times in this space but for right now, I am concerned for my friend Janine.

I am asking all of you who read this, to pray, think positively, think good thoughts, any positive energy you can offer to them - do so.


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Joy said...

Will do. Please keep us posted.