Friday, August 25, 2006

Meet Cory

Back in college, I created a character named "Cory Sharmin". I wrote an outline for a screenplay (because I have no clue how to go about writing the actual screenplay) about Cory in his 20's, and his life around music and local bands.

About a year ago, I began writing a short story about Cory and where he is in his life currently. I got about 500 words and stopped. No editing, minor proofreading, and alot of uncertaintly. I have no idea if the story will ever go past this point but I thought I'd put what I have out here and introduce you to the guy...

It was a transitional time in Cory’s life. He had recently moved to a new city hundreds of miles from anyone that he knew or cared about and he was still trying to find out what he was going to do with the rest of his life. The music business had chewed him up and spit him out, as it tends to do to most people, but at 32, Corey was still young and felt he had so much more to give than to just be someone who worked at a job; there needed to be some sense of purpose.

While Cory was fumbling through the papers looking for work, back home things were a bit rough for his sister Shannon who recently divorced after a long unhappy marriage and there was a lot of tension with her two children – who were being force-fed deceitful and hurtful information by their seemingly insane father. Also back home, one of Corey’s best friends, Christian, was having relationship issues with his longtime girlfriend Alice. What made this whole situation somewhat complicated was that Alice was best friends with Shannon. Cory has known Alice for years and he’s always had a crush on her. However, when Christian and Alice hit it off at one of Shannon’s (in)famous parties a few years back, he simply ignored his feelings for Alice and went along on his (not so) merry way.

After three months and countless interviews, Cory found himself in a predicament of sorts. On the very same day, he received not one, but two job offers and was now confronted with an important decision. Unfortunately the one thing everyone knew about Cory, himself included, was that important decisions were not his forte.

One of the jobs was working the help desk in a prestigious bank in the city. The money was attractive, more than he’d ever earned before, but the thought of the commute and the robotic undertones of help desk work in such a large organization left Corey with more negatives than positives while weighing this offer against the other. The second job offer came from none other than the Board of Education, where he would have the opportunity to troubleshoot and consult on technical issues and help learning disabled high school students. This job had a lot of appeal to Corey as it brought him back to his roots as a techno-geek, as well as eliminated the need for a commute as he lived about ten minutes away and was able to get to the office using the traffic-free back roads. In fact, the only drawback on the comparison scale was the fifteen thousand dollar pay difference.

After careful consideration, that is, as careful as Cory could possibly consider anything, he took the job at the Board of Ed and felt a sense of renewal and purpose – at least for the time being. All Cory had to do now was consider the fact hat he had absolutely nothing in his wardrobe that he felt appropriate for this type of job. So Cory went off to Marshall’s to hunt the discount racks for some decent dress clothes as the inner workings of Cory’s mind began to address a new set of fears and anxieties associated with his new life in a new town and his new job.


Joy said...

I'm interested in Cory's story and want to know more. Did anything happen with Alice? What about his sister Shannon? Did he regret the job decision and wish he'd gone with the bank? (I don't think so based on what you've described about him so far) I also want to know more about his music career.

Keep writing.

Chris said...

Joy - Thanks for the encouragement!