Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Musical Chairs Anyone?

Take a look at this gem of an item I came across:
Lest you think it's a ruse, click on it and order one for yourself.


Joy said...

Well, I guess we shouldn't be surprised. It takes having books and magazines and crossword puzzles in the bathroom to the next level.

We need to discuss Rockstar Supernova. I'm thinking they're going to choose Toby since he did such a good job singing with them. I've doubted they'd have a woman as lead singer, but if they do, it will be Dilana. All the drama lately! What do you think?

Chris said...

I am a huge Dilana fan - for me there's no equal. Toby has done very well of late. Last nights show in fact was loaded with terrific performances - except for Lukkas who I do not like at all.

Joy said...

Same here. Love Dilana! Lukas didn't sing Lithium a fraction as well as she did because she was absolutely mesmerizing. I couldn't take my eyes off her at the beginning and then wham! Fantastic! And every song she's performed has been amazing. She is my favorite, and I hope she wins it.

I like being able to see each of them perform with Supernova. Speaking of - I really like Gilby Clark. Lukas didn't do well with them at all and looked weird doing it. Not so with Dilana and Toby.

Egan said...

I so want that item. Will you buy it for me Chris? It's only $80. I would never have to leave the bathroom again. I thought magazines were bad.