Saturday, September 02, 2006

Wanted, Children's Book Author

My recently turned eight year old daughter and I have read to each other forever. Bedtime always involves a book and some chit chat. The other day, she handed me a small pink journal and asks me if I could write a book for her. OUCH! I asked her what she wanted the book to be about and her response was "Angels." SO I promised that I would try to write a little bit each day and see where that would take us.

What follows is the introduction page and the first story that I have written thus far. All of which was written over two session completely off the top of my head.

Angels Among Us

Have you ever met an angel? I believe there are angels all around us. One of my favorite things to do is hear stories about angels. In my life, I’ve heard more than one thousand stories about angels. I don’t remember all of them but I do remember some of them. In the pages of this book, I will share with you some of my favorite angel stories; I do hope you love them just as much as I do.

#1: Adam’s Angel

Adam was six years old and loved to play baseball. Adam tried very hard but he had bad eyesight which made it difficult for him to hit and catch the ball.

Every night before he went to sleep, Adam prayed, asking God to help him. Adam never gave up – not on himself, not on his ability to play baseball, and not on God.

On Adam’s seventh birthday, his school made Adam have his eyes examined at the school nurse’s office. The nurse told Adam that he should ask his parents to take him to the eye doctor.

A couple of days later, Adam’s mom took him to see Doctor Al. Doctor Al told Adam that the reason he was having problems playing baseball and seeing things was because he was nearsighted. But, Doctor Al knew how to make things better, he told Adam that he needed to wear eyeglasses.

So, Adam, with his mom’s help picked out some cool eyeglass frames and about an hour or so later, he had his brand new glasses.

The doctor said that it would be a couple of days before he was used to them, but they would help him with a lot of the things he was having trouble doing.

Sure enough, after a few days, Adam felt more comfortable than ever in his new glasses and amazed at how much different everything looked now that he could see them as they were meant to be seen. Most of all, Adam was ready to try playing baseball again.

Adam was a little scared and nervous but looking forward to getting on the ball field again now that he could see very well. Adam’s team started out in the field, he was playing in the outfield when a ball was hit all the way to the fence. Everyone was sure that Adam would have no chance to catch the ball but with his new glasses, Adam was able to prove that he was better than they thought. As soon as the ball was hit, Adam focused on the ball and ran to where he thought it would end up. The entire ball park went completely silent just as Adam jumped to the top of the fence and grabbed the ball, stealing a home run and making the third out of the inning.

The rest of the game was pretty boring until the last inning when the other team scored one run and as Adam’s team came to bat, there was a chance they might lose the game. The first two batters made quick outs and now the pressure was really on. Bobby, who batted before Adam was up with two outs and managed to get a base hit, now Adam came to bat and had a chance to really make a difference for his team.

Adam swung hard at the first pitch but missed for strike one. The pitcher threw the next ball faster than the first one and again, Adam swung hi bat really hard but missed for strike two. Adam was getting nervous because he knew that one more strike would mean the end of the game and he really didn’t want to let his team down again especially because he knew he had the ability to hit the ball and he saw the ball better than ever thanks to his new eyeglasses.

Adam took a deep breath and said a quick prayer before stepping back into the batters box. “Dear God, please send me an angel to take away my nerves and help me focus on the ball.”

Adam stepped up to home plate and held his bat up. The pitcher threw the ball and Adam kept his eye on the ball from the moment it left the pitcher’s hand. At just the right time, Adam swung his bat, only this time he hit the ball so hard that it flew completely out of the ball park for a home run. Adam had won the game for his team and was the hero of the day.

As Adam ran around the bases he looked up to heaven and said “thank you” to God for sending him an angel just when he needed one. Adam got to home plate and was greeted by his entire team where they celebrated their victory.

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