Sunday, October 08, 2006

Christmas Angel

You may or mayn't recall my being forced into writing children's stories from this post.

Here is story number two in the Angels Among Us collection....

Christmas Angel

The first Christmas that I remember, my dad has just brought home the biggest Christmas tree ever. I remember him asking us all to stand back while he set it up on the stand and straightened out the branches. Daddy said that we needed to let the tree settle for a couple of days so that it could “find its shape.” On Saturday, we would all get together to decorate our new tree.

Saturday came and we started our day with a big breakfast after which, daddy and my big brother went to get the boxes of Christmas decorations out of the garage. Most of the decorations were just your normal every day Christmas decorations: lights, garland, colorful glass hanging balls, and the sort. However, there were three ornaments that were very special to all of us.

One of the special ornaments was the “Silent Night” ball. Made from delicate purple glass, it was round, had a snow covered house on it and of course, it had the words “Silent Night” in fancy lettering that looked like they were covered in snow across the purple background. The second special ornament was a colorful glass bird. I can’t tell you exactly why it was so special, maybe because it was so colorful, maybe because it was old, all I am certain of is that it was very special to all of us. Finally, there was the Christmas angel that sat atop the tree every year for as long as anyone could remember.

My grandma told me a story about how the Christmas angel was watching over her one year. She said that she was just five years old and it was her turn to place the angel on top of the Christmas tree. Even though she wasn’t so tall, her dad always set up the tree near the staircase. Grandma would simply climb the stairs and reach out over the rail to place the angel in its place atop the tree. Once the Angel was in the perfect spot, Grandma said she would whisper a secret wish to the angel. She swore that she never told a soul the wish she asked of the angel.

On Christmas night that year, just like a miracle, grandma’s wish came true. You see, her mom was sick that year. So when grandma placed the angel on top of the Christmas tree that year she whispered to the angel a simple wish, to make her mom feel better. Grandma’s Christmas night wish came true that night, everyone called it a miracle, her mom got out of her sick bed and was able to spend Christmas happily with her family. As grandma explains it, “It was a joyful celebration. Everyone ate too much for dinner and then too much pumpkin pie. Later we all opened up presents, but no present was as special as momma being there with us, healthy as she had ever been.”

Long after grandma died, we always spent some time remembering her story at Christmas. No matter how many or how few presents we had never really mattered as much as having each other to share in the joy of the celebration.

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