Friday, November 24, 2006

"Black Friday"

I've seen several mentions referring to today as "Black Friday". Well, it has nothing to do with the stock market crashing so it must be the horrible traffic as a result of psychotic shoppers (and I guess some who are perfectly normal). One of the local sales flyers we received this week advertised Wal-Mart's "early-bird" specials available from 5am to 11am. 5am? 5am!

¡Aye Car├ámba!

I vivdly recall the news stories of last year's early bird specials, which involved numerous people getting trampled so they can buy one of a handful of DVD players for $29. Risk death to save $50 - not a good trade-off. Anyway, there's a reason God created the Internets - no risk of being trampled!

In other news, Thanksgiving at the Jeffrey's for a fourth year was terrific as ususal. Good food, good people, and good fun. Thanks for opening your home and family to us once more.

Finally, as we enter this holiday season - do what makes you happy, but do it safely. Please so not get trampled.


Michael said...

I almost got trampled. Luckily, I was able to defend myself through strategic, skilful, and even DARING use of shopping carts.

Hey, I was paid to be there.

Chris said...

I'm glad to hear that you survived the lunacy and was compensated to do so.

The shopping cart strategy seems quite good - did you get to use one of them motorized cart type thig-a-ma-jigs?

Michael said...

Not on that particular day. There was neither the time nor the space. At 6:00am I had something like 500 shopping carts in front of me. By 6:01am, I had none. And my arms hurt from shoving them at people.

'Twas the art of Capitalism at its peak.