Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Year in Review 2006

January saw the debut of Howard Stern on Satellite radio and the dawning of a new age in, shall we say “colorful”, morning radio: and I love it! I discovered a pipe had been struck with a nail during the final phase of the wood flooring being installed which made for a few months of an expensive messy while awaiting the insurance claims and the contractor to make the repairs (kudos to Tommy for doing the right thing). The annual-ish holiday gathering was a small group of four, but smashing nonetheless. I attended an Episcopal ordination ceremony. Took a brief “reunion tour” down in NYC which culminated in the semi-annual reunion, this time at the DeCoursey’s which turned into a sleepover due to severe weather. I saw the great Billy Joel in concert. Chris Penn died.
February was the month where I posted my first meme of the year. I attended a bogus traveling zoo and was ripped off royally. “Grandpa” Al Lewis passed away. My dear friend, the good Doctor Liz left MassBay and it simply has not been the same since. I won front row tickets and meet & greet passes to see Martina McBride. I had already purchased tickets which I was able to get a full refund for due to the fact that the concert had been postponed by one day due to a blizzard. Martina was amazing and I may have been slightly creepy. Jammie finally took to blogging (which was great while it lasted but unfortunately, it didn’t). I left for San Diego to attend a conference.
March, early March, was when I returned from San Diego. I offered a list of topics I wanted to talk about on this blog but as of yet, haven’t gotten to many of them. I learned that I am 54% evil. I memed again. I fell in love with Roomba and sweet mint flavored Orbit gum. My new windows were installed.
April brought yet another meme to From a Whisper to a Scream. I learned about a herniated disc in my neck and a bone spur in my shoulder and had my first steroid injection. Jill & Bryan were married off and slowly began to blog less often.
May was when I did the walk for hunger, 20 miles only this time in extreme pain thanks to the aforementioned shoulder and neck problems. I did have the pleasure of Jenn and Steve along for the walk which made it more fun than usual. I had surgery to remove the bone spur from my shoulder. I actually used speech recognition software to post to my blog. I saw the “Greatest Show on Earth” for the first time. Taylor Hicks became the American Idol. I saw Bruce Springsteen in concert. I “stole” a chocolate chip muffin.
June was when my 400th post on this blog appeared. I received an “Extra Mile” award at work. I made a spin-art Frisbee or two. I had another steroid injection, this time smack dab in my neck. Al Gore made a brilliant appearance on SNL. I attended the MCO conference in Lowell, MA. Another historic moment for the Episcopalians, who elected a female bishop for the first time. I began using an electric razor. Began physical therapy for my neck problems (Deb, you rock!).
July was a dark month when Collegiality went about as awry as it possibly could. Marshmallow fluff actually made headlines. We adopted Oliver, our cat. Actually, when we adopted him, his name was Robin #6, but we changed that – fast. I began playing with my vinyl record collection for a while. My buddy Mike and my cousin Brian became daddy’s for the first time.
August, Mel Gibson, well, you know. I visited Nova Scotia via the Cat Ferry. I published “Greatest Hits? – Volume 2” on this blog. My car had a conniption in Canada. The Yankees ate the Red Sox for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and a Nightcap. I introduced Cory Sharmin to the blogging community, Summer reunion at the DeCoursey’s.
September is when I wrote my first children’s story, Adam’s Angel. The Crocodile Hunter was killed by a sting ray. Heineken light came into my life. I wrote this quote, "I've come to that point in life where having a little elastic in my waistband is a good thing, and not so much a funny thing." I completed physical therapy and had separation anxiety because it worked really well and my therapist was totally cool. My cat farted. Yet another Fall semester begins.
October is when I wrote my second children’s story, Christmas Angel. I met Les and Mrs. Singes as they were in town from the west coast to attend a wedding. New York Yankee Cory Lidle flew his airplane into a NYC building and in the process, died. I used Audioblogger for the last time before the service went away. The U.S. population officially surpassed the 300 million mark, I went to Jill’s excellent Halloween party as an uninspired prisoner, wearing the same boring, cheesy costume I did two years prior. I began listening to the audio versions of David Sedaris books, read by the author. Rush Limbaugh proved once again that he does not deserve human life. Hugh Laurie hosted Saturday night live brilliantly.
November is when my parody called “Reacharound Sue” was written (by me of course). I memed yet again. Deval Patrick made history. The democrats made a comeback. I saw Borat – what an amazing film. O.J., K-Fed, what have you. My garage door/opener took a crap – got them taken care of with a smoking new super fast garage door opener. Okay, another meme. People proved how dumb they really can be when the Playstation 3 was released. Thanksgiving at the Jeffrey’s again – yummy and fun! Had to hire a pest control team to handle a termite and carpenter ant problem. I bought a new washer and dryer, a really cool ones. I apparently am a Ford Mustang.
December is when I visited a strangely named town in New Jersey. I turned 42. I wrote a limerick, more accurately in the form of a limerick. My cat crawled up the fireplace and got dirty, real dirty. I drove to Staten Island for the christening of my pal’s child. An old friend passed away, rest in piece Eddie. My friend Jerry perplexed the masses from India, again. I got a Christmas tree. My cat mauled a Christmas tree. A runner in India failed a gender test. Survivor:Cook Islands came to an end. I memed once more. The “Godfather of Soul” James Brown shuffled off his mortal coil, I wrote a singlet, and I typed this year in review.

Friday, December 29, 2006

I Wrote a Sniglet!

This morning while driving to work, an idea for a sniglet came to me. Here it is:

Mallzheimer's - (1) getting so caught up in the affect of the mall environment that you completely forget what you went to the mall for. OR (2) Getting so caught up in the shopping that you completely forget where you parked your car.

Don't even pretend you're not laughing, cause that is quality in comedy!

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Last night was the first in a series of interviews with potential priests for my church. After two years of serving on the search committee, I have confidence that it will come to a happy end soon.

I upgraded my office PC to the new Windows Vista and Office 2007 - so far, I am loving it!

Today we had dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Zio Paolo's (super Yum!).

Very tired...need rest.

Monday, December 25, 2006

R.I.P. Godfather

I had to re-post this homage to the Godfather of Soul...
The "Goth-Father" Remembers!

It's Christmas Day and My Cat Has Flipped

Usually I can count on my daughter waking up before the birds in anticipation of what Santa has left behind. However, this Christmas morning it was Oliver, my cat, who decided to give me grief starting at around 5:30 am (Perhaps the reindeer had been teasing him?).

Fighting through the loud cat calls (he's predominantly Siamese, known for their vocal talents), and the scratching on the comforter, I battled between trying to get back to sleep, strangling the little ball of fur, or perhaps considering that if he were that out of wack - maybe something was wrong. Of course, he may not really have been that out of whack but just seemed so because of my desire to be asleep (being fully awake, I'm rather certain he's fine, just bratty).

It's nearing time to open presents....out for now.

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


I snatched this from Ficken Chingers
Here's how it works. Go into your archives from 2006 and post the first sentence of the first post from each month. Sounds like fun, huh? Like I said last year, this could either be fun or incredibly boring. You don't have to explain them, but I thought I would go ahead and give a short explanation.

January: “I was at Logan Airport earlier today and there was an unusual number of pets traveling today.”

February: “The title is a reference to the old joke ‘How many ________________ does it take to screw in a light bulb?’”

March: “I made it back into Logan Airport at just about the scheduled 4:50pm landing time but hit a snafu once I got to my car and headed out to the MassPike.”

April: “I loved The Sixth Sense but was disappointed at Unbreakable and hated Signs so much that I never bothered to watch The Village (anyone with anything positive to say on The Village that might sway me to give it a whirl?).”

May: “My brother and I once discussed (boy, now that I think about it, it must have been 10 or 15 years ago) the passage of time having realized how quickly it seems to pass, and how as we get older, time seems to move faster and faster.”

June: “708 days ago I started this little thing after a conversation with my friend Jill.”

July: “Here's the text of an email I sent to all of my colleagues via the Chat distribution list; which was designed to be used to communicate to the college community about non college-specific issues.”

August: “I am busy prepping for vacation so I thought I'd take some time to offer you these funny comics that came across my desk at some time in the past.”

September: “My recently turned eight year old daughter and I have read to each other forever.”

October: “My first experience with outlet shopping should have set the tone and kept me from every going back.”

November: “A couple of weeks ago I noticed something on my neck that I thought was an insect bite.”

December: “I can't let this day go by without a Happy Birthday shout out to my dear friend Jenn.”

Christmas Eve

Feeling better than last night, especially after church.
Still amidst the Surreal Life marathon.
Tawny Kitaen recently checked into drug rehab after beig caught with blow - surprise, surprise.
It was very difficult finding a Sunday paper today.
I have a table full of library books to read - can you spell overdue?
Movie Review: Dark Water - Poorly done (Jennifer Connelly = attractive)
My cat won't keep his grubby paws off the Christmas tree.
Just over 10 hours til Christmas.
Out...for now...

Saturday, December 23, 2006

It's Christmas Eve Eve

  • Surreal Life Marathon in effect...I missed the last episode of the most recent season so I Tivo'd the whole mess and will rewatch it.
  • Finally, everything that needs to be wrapped is wrapped.
  • I'm feeling blue and I'm not sure why!
  • I'm going to publish this post even though I want to delete it and forget about it...

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Final Exam Filler

As I type this, there are still 2 students working on their final exam. I hate giving exams because it's quite boring waiting for everyone to finish and not being able to crack bad jokes while they are working.

This Trump-Rosie feud is kind of fun, eh?

Anybody have any knowledge about shipping a cake across country; specifically, how to do so?

I've been in bed by 10pm 2 out of 3 nights this week - not happening tonight.

7 of 12 students earned exemptions from the final. Am I a reality show junkie or what?

I've nothing left to say.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Survivor:Cook Islands

I haven't had the time to comment on the most recent season of Survivor which ended this past Sunday. The season started with 4 teams, divided by race/ethnicity which caused a bit of a stir in the press.

Shortly into the season, they "integrated" into two random teams and carried on as usual. Only what seems amazing to me, is that after 13 seasons they still know how to stir the pot enough and diversify the contestants enough, to keep the game compelling.

The ending of the game was changed where instead of two people confronting the jury for the million bucks, this time there were three. However, Becky really had no chance in my opinion to win a vote alongside Yul and Ossie.

Yul was a brilliant strategist while commendable physically and Ossie just dominated the physical challenges throughout the season. It really came down to a point where it would be hard to argue if either had won the game.

The way the alliance of four that made it into the final four and how it played out where Sundra was eliminated in a tiebreaker round was a demonstration of ethics and sportsmanship that is rarely, if ever seen in professional sports anymore.

Abrupt end...nothing left to say other than I enjoyed the season immensely.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

...Early to Rise or More oddity in India

So here's an article that Associated Press reported the other day...

NEW DELHI, India (AP) -- An Indian runner who won a silver medal in the women's 800 meters at the Asian Games failed a gender test and was stripped of the medal.

Santhi Soundarajan, 25, took the gender test in Doha, Qatar, after placing second.

The Indian Olympic Association said Monday it has been told by the Olympic Council of Asia that the 25-year-old runner was disqualified.

"IOA has asked the Athletic Federation of India to return the medal as desired by the Olympic Council of Asia," the Indian Olympic group said.

The IOA also asked its medical commission to inquire into Soundarajan's case and report within 10 days.

There are no compulsory gender tests during events sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federations, but athletes may be asked to take a gender test. The medical evaluation panel usually includes a gynecologist, endocrinologist, psychologist and internal medicine specialist.

An Indian athletics official who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media said Soundarajan almost certainly never had sex-change surgery.

Instead, the official said Soundarajan appeared to have "abnormal chromosomes." The official also said the test revealed more Y chromosomes than allowed.

Soundarajan was not immediately available for comment.

© 2006 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

As if I wasn't enough trying to decipher my dear old friend Jerry, her is something that goes beyond the oddity of camping aside a leper colony in search of inner peace. Think back to all of the tests you've ever taken. Of all of them, I mean every single one of those things. Heck, include your wildest dreams, would you ever think it possible that there'd be an easier test to pass than to identify your own gender? How in the world is it humanly possible to fail a gender test? This my friends proves beyond the shadow of any doubt that my pal Jerry is crying for help. How could karma, Brahma, or any of those things ever be found in a place where gender, of all things, is uncertain?

Early to Bed...

Battling what I think (hope) to be the beginninigs of exhaution, I set a goal to be in bed by 10pm each day this week. Last night I hit the sack at 9:30pm thank you!

Christmas cards went out late this year, Monday and Tuesday...sorry, I am not superman!

More on India later tonight....Just look what our old friend Goth Baby is up to now (I have no idea how long this link will remain active).

With love...until later.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Lost in (India) Translation

I got this friend, let's call him Jerry. I've known him for years and I love the guy, but Jerry is clearly of a different breed. For instance, India - there is not an amount of money that you could offer me that would be convincing enough for me to take a trip to India for amy reason whatsoever. Jerry, on the other hand, willfully goes there seemingly as often as he gets the chance.

Every so often, Jerry shoots off an email to us from India to let us know what he's up to and thus far, I have no clue just what the fuck my dear friend is talking about. So, in an effort to better understand Jerry I am asking you dear reader for some help. What follows is an email I received from Jerry direct from India today. If you have any idea what he might be saying, please drop me a line.

First off let me apologize for the group email thing....but slow computers and limited time prevent me from writing, at least at first, to all the people I'd like to reach from here directly. Well, its been everything so far........the swings here are tremendous....from a few days ago from where I was saying, "How could I have stayed away so long, this place is just MAGIC, to yesterday as I was stuck in bed all day with a fever saying, "Please, just shoot me, then take me home".
The trip started that way actually. I was in Delhi for a few days in the guesthouse there with the cold I had brought with me from the states....s the hustle and bustle of Delhi (how many people in Delhi?....20-30 million) wasn’t exactly cool. Then after a death defying drive to Rishikesh (I swear the car and rickshaw drivers here would mop up our auto racing circuit), I felt a lot better. The life here in Rishikesh has been good and simple. We are staying at a very basic hotel right on the Ganges.
Every morning I get up before sunrise and go to the holy river to do my breathing exercises. After about a half hour of that I go back to the hotel and either make some chai for us......or either head to the temple or to a local yoga class. The yoga class is an absolute trip. The teacher has a militant tone and its par for the course that in trying to say "stretch" he says "stress". So here we are in this freezing cold room, and its like he has tourettes because he'll say something first like "stress de elbow" then he'll scream it "STRESS DE ELBOW". It’s all I can do to keep a straight face.
Yoga wise I'm not so hot. My left shoulder continues to bother me, but I got some advice from the MA who I basically came here to see, so that will help in time. I also treated myself to an Ayurvedic Massage and he too gave me some exercises.... so hopefully I'll be able to do my thing soon, which would be good as the Sivananda Organization has accepted me to help teach their teacher training in March. On days where I'm not "stressing de elbow", I go right to the temple in the morning. Prayers start around 7 and go till about 8:30- 9. These beautiful people are out there, again it's still freezing in the morning and these old people are out there pounding the tabalas, playing the harmonium, and going on and on. It's all I can do to follow it in the book I have, and they sing for about two hours non stop; it’s beautiful. Then, we have breakfast. We eat dried banana leaves pinned together with a few tooth pick looking sticks, cut into the shape of a dish or bowl, we eat with our hands, and its usually some puris (fried bread patties, some chickpeas and some potatoes. I have my own mug for chai (which has enough sugar to rattle teeth) which is delicious. Then with luck we get to have darshan with the Jivanti MA of the temple. We (westerners) are treated very very well. We are usually ushered ahead of the locals and she always asks if we have eaten, are well, etc. After that, we usually go back to the hotel.
Alan, who plays tabala for Krishna Das, who I am traveling with, is teaching me the fundamentals of tabala. It’s an uphill battle. There is a music school that I will now donate money to (I'm also donating to program removing cataracts ....60 % of all blind people are in India, 70% of those simply have cataracts! and the same woman doing this also has a program for a leaper colony). A few hundred dollars is going to change hundreds and hundreds of peoples lives. No administrative costs, a great "bang for your buck" Anyone interested can write me. Anyway, at the music school, they all want to be Eminem or 50 cent and here I am learning tabala!!! So I go there and show them some basic songs on guitar, and a Hanuman Chaleesa on guitar, and they've taught me a raga. It’s interesting to have a universal language to speak, especially with kids, as my Hindi is limited to "Thank you". And there has been great music happening here lately. We've been lucky enough to see classical Indian masters recently, although through the remnants of last nights fever, it wasn’t exactly joyous on my part. But the sun is shining today and the fever is going down and by tomorrow or the next day I will be feeling fine again.
Anyway, we usually return to the temple around 4 in the afternoon. Jyoti (which means little) Ma passed away last year on the 21st so the temple is having a special ceremony for her that started a few days ago and will go through the 21st. They’ll say/sing a chapter of the Ramayana as part of the ceremony. I enjoy following along with the English translation. The symbolism is directly transferable to our 21st century problems and situations (go figure!)
Please don’t "reply all" as some people on the list specifically don’t want that. I look forward to hearing from you and wish you all love from India...In Peace, Jerry

Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Tree Musketeers

So we went to get the Christmas tree today. It has been a couple of years since there has been a tree in the house for a variety of reasons and I must admit, I was a bit hesitant to consider getting a tree considering the cat and his frisky, curious youth.

We put him down in the basement until the tree was placed in the stand and set and whne he came up and finally saw the tree, his eyes widened in fear and he ran as far away as possible. Right now, about three hours later, he seems to be warning up a bit, at least now he is walking into the living room but there is still some hesitation and uncertainty.

I just expected all along that he'd be all over the thing climbing it and it would be destroyed almost immediately. While I am still fairly certain that it will happen that way, I suspect it may take more time (not much more) that I originally expected.

The Christmas holiday is just around the corner and the traffic patterns, especially near the malls, are as ridiculous as the first time I wished I could simply disappear for the entire month of December and leave the commercial rigor of this time behind me.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Like Watching Bad Performance Art

The title is a quote from Jeff Probst regarding a survivor challenge in progress as I watch and write.

As some of you know I was down in Staten Island for a christening. It was great seeing so may old friend's and neighbors; some whom I haven't seen in many years. One of my old neighbors that I ran into was Eddie White, the father of four girls that were part of the neighborood kids. Eddie, though clearly aged, was still the vibrant, charming, witty, and interesting man I had remembered and it was fun seeing and reconnecting with him.

I was saddened last evening to receive a call informing me of Eddie's sudden passing the night before. It's just so odd to have spent time with someone you haven't seen in a long time and next thing you know, they are gone. It definitely awakens one as to their own mortality.

Eddie, I know where you are. You and your family were a big part of my growing up and remain in my bank of memories, all wonderful. Say hi to my mom and dad for me.

Monday, December 11, 2006

New Members of the Family

Amazing that a washer and dryer can be computer controlled and have intelligence. I actually own a washer and dryer with more brain power than the president of the United States! I am looking forward to playing with these bad boys (or girls).

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Road Trip Shuffle

I'll shortly be on the way to Staten Island, but before I leave I am taking a cue from Bryan's blog (who got the premise from yet another blog)...what a community!

..."'In Random Rules, The A.V. Club asks some of its favorite people to set their MP3 players to shuffle and comment on the first few tracks that come up—no cheating or skipping embarrassing tracks allowed.' Based on the honor system, this could prove a nice little jolt to our languishing blog community."

Here are the first 10 that came up on the shuffle which yielded only 1 embarassing title (which isn't bad considering the number of possibilities).

1. Amarillo by Morning by George Strait from Strait Out of the Box
I vividly remember George Strait'e early years in the music business about 25 years or so ago, it was before I liked country music and me and my buddy Mike used to rip on him big time. I recently saw him in concert, and over the years have grown to love him. What a consistent artist, more than 50 #1 hits on the country charts.

2. Fever by Ray Charles w/Natalie Cole from Genius Loves Company
The song is a classic but what can be said about brother Ray that hasn't already be said by people far more recognizable than little old me. How many musicians/vocalists out there could get you to give a crap about anything that comes out of Natalie Cole's mouth?

3. What’s On My Mind by Blake Shelton from Barn & Grill
Blake Shelton was an artist who had to grow on me but literally the day he did, I went and bought all of his CD's. He has a very distinct style and a good sense of humor,

4. Maggie May (Live) by Melissa Etheridge from MTV Unplugged & More
I loved Melissa Etheridge before she came out to the world and have remained a fan. The song has always been one of my faves and she delivers it here like only she can.

5. Blue Skies by Diana DeGarmo from Blue Skies
What can I say, I'm an American Idol fan and I just couldn't help myself. Bring it on, I'm ready.

6. Frim Fram Sauce by Diana Krall from Steppin’ Out
I absolutely love Diana Krall. JazzySexyMellowHotness...Mr. Costello is a lucky dude.

7. (Are You) The One That I’ve Been Waiting For? by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds from The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds have an unusual sound and I love to listen to him on those dreary weathered days where I constantly need to fend of the blues.

8. Brilliant Disguise by Elvis Costello from Kojak Variety
The thing I love most about Elvis Costello is his diversity and wilingness to be experimental and do what fulfills him as a musician. This is a neat little cover of a Springsteen song.

9. Primal Scream by Motley Crue from Red, White & Crue
Motley Crue was a huge part of my life around the time I hated George Strait. Odd that now listening to Crue is more nostalgic while Strait is more in tune to who I am now.

10. I Don’t Wanna Rock by Bowling for Soup from Drunk Enough to Dance
I only heard of Bowling for Soup in the last couple of years. What a cool, fun band that I like to listen to with a little side order of Me First and the Gimme Gimme's.

That's all for now...road trip time.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

RIddle Me This...

So I am captivated by the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, which I am halfway through and within its pages happened upon a riddle/puzzle of sorts that I thought I'd run by you:

A man and his son are in a serious car accident. The father is killed and the son is rushed to the emergency room. Upon arrival, the attending doctor looks at the child and gasps, "This child is my son!" Who is the doctor?
* * * * * * * * * * *
It's off to Staten Island, NY tomorrow for a christening. My old pal Mike and his lovely wife Christa recently had a baby boy named Joseph Michael. Here's a recent photo of him:

* * * * * * * * * *
Bee, know that I am praying for you every day...

Friday, December 08, 2006

Return of the Cold Monster

Today was the first real cold day of the end of fall/pending winter season. While prepared for the cold thanks to listening to the weather forecast last night, I was unable to find my gloves and regretful that I had not purchased those snazzy wrap-around earmuffs at BJ's last time I saw them. Then, while I stopped for a hot cup of coffee and my recently traditional corn muffin with (fake) butter, I couldn't help but think about how good Sprizee and the Dude's simple but delicious sounding shortbread would taste with my coffee.

I'm watching one of those plastic surgery shows on TV (unintentionally). I'm not qualified to judge anyone, but it seems that the doctor should advise a grossly overweight woman to think about getting her obesity under control before getting a facelift.

My cat wandered into and slightly up the fireplace the other day and came out blackened like a piece of cajun salmon. Getting the ashen soot off of his whitish fur required my giving him a shower, which was not an enjoyable experience though he seemed to really enjoy being wrapped and dried in the towel afterward.

A busy weekend that once again involves a long road trip, only this time, I'll be driving which makes me appreciate all the more Pam's willingness to drive last weekend.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today I am twice as legal as I was when I last became legal (42 for those that couldn't or wouldn't contemplate the riddle or just toodle on over to the profile page).

My very bizarre colleague, a professor in her 80's and about 4 feet tall, placed a candle atop a graham cracker and forced a group of unsuspecting bystanders to sing Happy Birthday to me - I then stooped down to blow out said candle. Holy friggin' crap!

If a colony of tiny little insects can devour an entire house made of wood, why the heck do they still make houses out of wood? It must be a conspiracy with the pest control world.

I'm reading a book called "blink". I thought I already read it but I was confusing it for another book with blink in the title. I did read "The Tipping Point" which was written by the same author as "blink" (in fact I even heard hime speak at a conference)...anyway, the point I'm trying to make (and just realized that I am not sure why) is that the one time I can't read the book called "blink" is while in the middle of the process of blinking - more specifically, the portion of the blink in which my eyelid, which is opaque, completely covers my eye.

Bye for now...Love me (the Birthday Boy)

Christmas Business

Jill got me started anbd besides, Joy needs something like this to ease the pain of a lack of quizzes....

Christmas Elf Name

My Christmas Elf Name is
Get your Christmas Elf Name at

Secret Santa
This year my Secret Santa bought me :

Hugh Hefners Slippers
Get your Secret Santa gift at

Christmas Naughty or Nice List

I am on the The Nice List

After checking the North Pole database I had :

1,524 nice entries
168 naughty entries
Check your name on the Christmas Naughty or Nice List at

Monday, December 04, 2006

Film Star Penelope Cruz

The title of this post is the answer to the wheel of fortune puzzle, which I solved before the players in the game - yay me.

Some December Birthday (etc.) shouts:

1 - Jenn
2- Jill
6 - Me! (also Joan)
10 - My late parents wedding anniversary (1955)
25 - Jesus
28 - Lucy
29 - Steven

Spent this past weekend in oddly named town of New Jersey with Pam doing search committee work for our church. It was great getting to know Pam better, hanging out with a fellow Yankee fan living in MA, and meeting a unique and interesting priest.

If you are reading this and wealthy enought to buy a lavish gift for this hard working blogger, here's a hint: Garmin Nuvi 660.

One of the greatest stand up routines in history will finally be available on DVD come February, 2007.

In chatting with Pam during our 7 hours or so of driving, she asked me if I'd ever written a Limerick. I'm fairly certain that I haven't and as I took a moment to pause and reflect, the following came to me:

As '06 ends this month of December
Was it a year that you'll always remember?
In the new year, play to win
Always keep your heart in
And you always remain a contender.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Jenn/Jersey Bound

I can't let this day go by without a Happy Birthday shout out to my dear friend Jenn. I wihs I could have been at Durgin to celebrate, but know that my sprit was there and I love you lots.

With very few moments to myself over the last week or so, I am gearing up for a business trip of sorts that will take me to Succasunna, New Jersey this weekend. While having spent considerable time in the state of NJ, I have never even heard of this unusually named city/town until recently.

With the Fall semester winding down, I am hoping for a touch less stress in my life.

I just agreed to pay more than $2800. for a new washer and dryer (WOW!) - more on that after delivery...but I am pround to say that I was able to get a great deal from a small local merchant and stick it to the demon seeds that are Best Buy and Home Depot.

Here's a little "Weird Al" for ya...